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How long does it take to get a certificate? How are they sent?

Expedited Certificates

Can I have a hard copy of my certificate mailed to me?

What if I need to replace my certificate?

How can I be sure that I get credit from my state?

Getting Started - Class Instructions

What if I don't get my class information email?

Where is my enrollment key? I can't find it.

I logged into the system and there are no classes under my courses

How long does it take before I receive class information?

Can I take a class more than once?

Can a Group Work Together?

How does an online class work?

How does an online class work?

Do I need to have computer knowledge to take a class?

How long will the class take me?

Do I have to sit at the computer the entire length of time of the class?

How much time do I have to complete the online class?

How do I post on the message board?

What are the requirements for credit?

Technical Support

What are the technical requirements of the class?

Watching YouTube Videos

I don't have reliable Internet access, can I still take the class?

Viewing and Downloading PDF (Portable Document Format) Files

Payment Policies

How can I pay for the classes?

Can someone else pay for me?

Can I get a refund for the classes?

Can I transfer credits to another staff member?

Why is my price higher than the listed price