A Multicultural Anti-Bias Approach in the Preschool Classroom

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The Anti-bias Approach Online Class
This training is designed to guide teachers and child care providers in implementing an anti-bias, multicultural approach in the class or program. This class will help them meet standards set by state quality iniatives and accreditation programs.

International Holidays to Celebrate
Add a multicultural flavor to your preschool by celebrating these holidays from different countries and cultures

Responding to Children’s Concerns About Differences: Guidelines
How you respond to children’s questions and concerns can send important messages about diversity. Remember it is normal for young children to be curious and maybe even wary of the differences they notice in others

An Anti-Bias Approach: The Time is Now
You may have read many times before that an anti-bias approach in early childhood programs is a worthwhile goal. This article will show you why such a goal is not only worthwhile, but also long over due!

Multicultural and Antibias Curriculm Resources for Early Childhood and Preschool Programs