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What other childcare providers are saying about the online classes and training at Child Care Lounge:

".I have truly enjoyed this particular class and gotten a tremendous amount of information that will translate directly into my classroom."
  - Madeleine Cobb, Oregon

"First off, let me just say that this was an awesome class. I came in thinking that I would just do the work, read the articles so that I could get the credit I needed. However, I have gained a tremendous amount of information pertaining to different types activities that can be done using materials I have not used before. Thank you again for making this class enjoyable and informative."
  - Tiki Ross, Georgia

"I know I will be back to take more classes here. I found this helpful, enjoyable & convenient!"
  - Michelle L, Illinois

"It's been a great way for me to acquire hours and also learn easily through my computer at home on my own time. No commuting or driving through snow for a 2-hour class that didn't measure up. I can easily choose classes that I'm interested in and they've both been easy to understand and do."
  - Sharon S., Minnesota

"Every class that I have taken has been very informative and I learned numerous techniques to help in dealing with the children in different areas."
  - Ramona M., Pennsylvania

"I find using Child Care Lounge to fulfill the requirements I need for training are very user friendly and convenient. Also, I like the wide range of topics to choose from."
  - Karyn H., Pennsylvania

"I am retiring after over 40 years of child care. The only classes I enjoyed were yours and they were a life saver at times when I could not see to drive in the dark. I want to thank you for your wonderful classes. It was a godsend."
  - Sharon S., Nevada

Here are just some of our clients...

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*Ymca Of South Dekalb GA. *Woodland Academy CDC PA. *Kickapoo Head Start OK.

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*Montessori School of Bowling Green KY. *Halifax Developmental Centre For Early Learning Nova Scotia Canada *Les Petits Francophones CA. *First Christian Church Education Station GA. *Tutor Time Child Care various locations *Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia PA.

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*Kindercare various locations *Palo Verde Elementary School AZ. *Government Center Child Care Corp MA. *Rochester Church Preschool MI. *Ave Maria Catholic School CO.


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*Cook Inlet Native Head Start AK. *Hildebrandt Learning Center PA. *Bloomsbury Child Care Newfoundland/Labrador CA. *Lockett Elementary School Pre-K SC. 

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"I need these training opportunities and I have been telling everyone I know in the child care field about this site. The price, convenience and the variety of subjects. Thank you!"
  - Roxanne S., North Carolina

"I really enjoyed this class. It helped me to see many different aspects of what we need and the good in what we have, but ways to improve what we are doing. I liked the resources that it offered." (Marketing Class)
  - Christina S., Arizona

"I really enjoyed and learned great tips from all four classes I've taken. I do plan to take more in the future and have recommended you to other preschool teachers. Thank you for your great feed back."
  - Janet S., Oregon

"Joni, thank you for responding so fast. I need training hours at my current job and am very glad that I signed up for your course. I enjoyed it and learned a lot." 
  - Zenearia S., Texas

"Thank you. I really enjoyed the learning experience for my daycare. I have been doing it for 15 years and any refresher is helpful." 
  - Kim S., California

"I found all information useful. Even if you have all ready taken a course on any of the subjects covered. It's a great refresher." 
  - Carolyn T., Kansas

"This online course is the most informational site I have used so far! I just kept looking and finding fresh and new ideas! I love it!!!" 
  - Amanda P., Idaho

"Joni does a great job setting these classes up for those of us that find it very hard to go out to a class. On line is wonderful." 
  - Mary L.

"This course was great, not only will it effect me in my daycare but also in my everyday life with my family." 
  - Andrea P., Michigan

"I really appreciate the follow-ups and concern that you have shown through this process. I will be using your classes for my training purposes in the future. I want to again say thank you and tell you how very pleased I am with your service." 
  - Judith C., Michigan

"I just wanted to take time out to tell you, thank you for being so helpful to me. You were always there with a quick response for a question that I had I will be continuing to get these credits from your site and recommend my co workers here as well." 
  - Kelli B.

"I liked that it made me think of particular situations and to learn from them. My students are becoming so well that I am anticipating a temper tantrum and I am able to stop it before they start and to get them to talk to the other child and to get the other child to use their words also. Thank you!!!" 
  - Karla G., Nevada

"This was great and a lot better than sitting at a workshop. The articles were interesting and easy to follow. Thank you." 
  - Nicole W., Georgia

"The training was very convenient and it provided me with useful information." 
  - Minnie P., Washington D.C.

"I take many courses with Child Care Lounge. I love everything about it. Joni is very helpful and is very good about answering and addressing any of my questions." 
  - Eugenia C., Alabama

"I think Child Care Lounge is very helpful. I've learned many things from both classes I've taken. I think it's good because I didn't have to be rushed to complete the classes. I was able to take my time reading all the material." 
  - Patricia T., Illinois

"Love your program! It was very convenient for me because I am a single parent, and it is difficult for me to attend classes away from home and arrive on time." 
  - Theresa T., Michigan

"I enjoyed this class--both the format and the content. It was nice to be able to work on the class when I wanted to and when I had free time instead of having to go out to a workshop. The content was very helpful. " 
  - Janet P., North Carolina

"I really enjoyed taking the classes. I got really great and fun ideas to try with the children I care for. The classes were to the point and very informative. It was so easy to do it online. No driving, no need to take time out of my busy schedule, I did it at my own pace. It was great! Thanks for providing these classes for people like me!" 
  - Lara K., Georgia

"This has been the most convenient and resourceful online training I have ever used and a wonderful learning experience. Keep up the good work!" 
  - Arnita G., Georgia

"Thank you for such a knowledgeable and easy to follow training. I have been looking for easy and affordable online training for a while now and I am very pleased with your website trainings."
  - Lala D., Oklahoma

"This was a great topic! You said that this class is designed more for a newer teacher. I have been teaching for over 8 years and I found all of the information very useful, even for a veteran teacher like myself. There is always new thing to learn and the process for teaching is always changing. Thanks for all the great info." 
  - Lisa G., NV

"I really like your courses. They are easy to do and they have great information. It is much better than having to go to a course outside of home and take time away from my family." 
  - Danielle D., OR

"The information was very informative and it was very convenient doing it at home on my computer at my pace. I don't feel I could have gotten any more out of the lesson if I had attended a class or seminar on the subject." 
  - Susan S., MO

"Thank you for providing training for childcare providers online! At first, I was a bit skeptical about taking a training online and I wondered if I would really learn anything, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It was very easy to read and follow, very nicely structured, and I really enjoyed it!" 
  - Mariel E., AZ

"I really LOVE the ease of your online classes. I have a very busy schedule throughout the day and afternoon and I am always having to spend extra needed time with my own children on the weekends so it is extremely hard for me to have to get in the car and drive 45 minutes to the nearest college and spend 2-6 hours at a training class that takes precious time away from my own family! With your online classes, I can work at my own pace, on my own personal time and not have to work around a college schedule......I LOVE it! Thanks so much for offering these online classes and thanks for the AFFORDABLE prices!! Keep up the good work and I will be back for another online class soon! Thanks." 
  - Kristy Y., GA

"Thanks so much for the class. This is the first I have taken of something like this online, and it was so simple and informative! Everything was explained so well and it was not intimidating at all for someone like me. Thanks again." 
  - Bonnie B, KS

"It was the easiest course to navigate. The class was done very professionally. I liked being able to both view online and also print out the course. I can't' wait to begin my next course. I was also very impressed with how quickly my questions were answered via email. It made it so much less stressful." 
  - Cynthia N., FL

"I just wanted to comment on how informative and actually fun it was to take my class online with you. I really liked leaving my input on your forum and reading everyone else's ideas and comments. I have informed everyone at the center where I work about your website. Thank you so much and I can't wait to take all my classes with you in 2011!" 
  - Tracey M., SC