CDA Classes

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We now offer all of the classes that you need to get your CDA certificate in either the infant/toddler or preschool setting! Save money by enrolling in this packet instead of paying for each online class individually. When you enroll, you will be given access to ALL classes in our catalog of online classes, and you can choose the ones that are relevant for the CDA setting that you choose.

View a list of CDA classes for each setting

What You Get When Your Order

  • A coupon code to sign up for any and all of the classes that Child Care Lounge offers (access is for one year)

  • A link to a downloadable pdf file of articles and resources

  • CDA prep workbookThe CDA Prep Workbook 

  • Access to our Facebook support community

  • Forms and Checklists
  • Test Tips


Be sure to review our FAQ for more information on how Child Care Lounge classes work.

Please note: Child Care Lounge only offers the classes and does NOT grant the CDA certificate or credential or CDA renewal! You must follow the requirements set forth by the Council for Professional Development. Additionally, the Council has other fees for obtaining the CDA renewal. These fees are not included in the class enrollment. Click Here for an overview of the steps to obtain a CDA. (Child Care Lounge provides the education needed for application eligibility).


Credit A certificate will be sent to you via email upon completion of each individual class. It is up to the student to alert Child Care Lounge when they have completed the entire packet of classes and we will issue a training verification form.

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