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The following is transcript of a live chat event that was held at Child Care The topic was National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) accreditation for family child care providers. Barbatnafcc is Barbara Sawyer, Director of Special Projects at NAFCC. Brankd is Kim and she is an accreditated provider in Oklahoma.

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Joni: *LOG at 3/19/2007 8:20:56 PM* Topic: Child care providers and teachers share!
tyin12shoes: *MSG* Ohhh--hi, Kim! I'm from cf, too--diaperqueen
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* Hi Kim I am Tara from OHio. My dc is Teddy bears learn and play
tyin12shoes: *MSG* I'm from the Tx panhandle. Hi, Tara!
brankd: *MSG* I had a feeling that was you, diaperqueen. ;-)
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* I forget what is your name
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* r u the one with the cloth diaper site
tyin12shoes: *MSG* no--I've just changed a heck of a lot of them!
brankd: *MSG* lolol
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* lol
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i have 3 in them in my dc
tyin12shoes: *MSG* actually, all mine are FINALLY potty trained, but I'm sure the time will come again when I have some little bitties
brankd: *MSG* My_baby_girl_is_one, can we call you something shorter? Is that ok? Baby girl, perhaps?
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* my daughter is 14 ms, dcboy is 2 and other dcboy is 4 ms
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* sure
brankd: *MSG* Baby girl, where did you hear about this chat?
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* childcare and beyond
barbatnafcc: *JOIN* Entered room.
brankd: *MSG* Is that a child care forum
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* yes
brankd: *MSG* Hi barbatnaffcc!
Joni: *MSG* Welcome! Barbara!
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* hi barbra
tyin12shoes: *MSG* Hi, Barbara!
Joni: *MSG* ok we can get started.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Hi Everyone - Joni's on the way back.
Joni: *MSG* I would like to welcome and introduce Barbara Sawyer, from NAFCC
brankd: *MSG* Welcome!
Joni: *MSG* if you don't mind Barbara, I think I would like to start with you
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* Hi Barbra nice to meet you
Joni: *MSG* if maybe you can shortly introduce yourself... and give a brief intro about the accrediation process
barbatnafcc: *MSG* that's fine, Joni. Do you want me to just introduce myself and tell a little bit about what I do at NAFCC?
Joni: *MSG* then we will go to the accreditated providers to share..
Joni: *MSG* yes, that is good. perhaps tell why accrediation is a good thing?
barbatnafcc: *MSG* I'm the Director of Special Projects and am currently working on a project called "Steps to Accreditation" which is exploring breaking the standards and the accreditation process into smaller steps. I've been working wtih NAFCC and accreditation since 1988.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* NAFCC Accreditation is recognized as an indicator of quality, providers generally like it because it is specific to family child care, and others in the field support NAFCC Accreditation and find it comparable to both NAEYC and NAA accreditation systems.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* I'll just start at the beginning and if there are questions about specifics I can address them as they come up.
Joni: *MSG* actually
Joni: *MSG* if we can hold questions till the end?
barbatnafcc: *MSG* The NAFCC Accreditation process starts with an application process - the application is on the NAFCC website. The fee for accreditation is $695 and there is a $200 discount for NAFCC members.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* That works fine to hold questions.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* It takes providers between 2 months and 2 years to complete the self-study process. During self-study providers, who are now called candidates, work to meet the quality standards, make quality improvements in their programs, and complete the training and other process requirements to become accredited.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Providers are required to have 90 clock hours of training within the 3 years immediately preceding their request for the observer visit. They are also required to have both a state and a federal background clearance. In addition, they must be licensed or regulated at the highest level available in their state.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* There are 289 quality standards, as well as eligibility requirements to become accredited. The standards are divided into 5 content areas - relationships, the environment, developmental learning activities, safety and health, and professional and business practices.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* There are some standards that are considered mandatory to quality care and providers must meet 100% of the mandatory standards and a percentage of the rest of the standards in each category in order to become accredited. All standards are available for downloading on the NAFCC website.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* When candidates have made the quality improvements in they believe their programs need, have received the 90 clock hours of training, and completed the additional documentation required, they are ready to request the observer visit.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* All NAFCC Accreditation observers must be trained by and assigned by NAFCC. They should all be familiar with life in a family child care environment, have training in child growth and development and developmentally appropriate practices, and be willing to spend at least 4 hours observing the candidate.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Candidates and observers are required not to know each other to prevent a conflict of interest. At the conclusion of the observation visit the observer also is required to sign a pledge of confidentiality stating that the visit will not be discussed with anyone other than NAFCC.
barbatnafcc: *PART* Left room.
Joni: *MSG* yikes! LOL
barbatnafcc: *JOIN* Entered room.
Joni: *MSG* welcome back!
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Thanks
barbatnafcc: *MSG* I'm not sure what happened or how much actually got posted - can you tell me?
Joni: *MSG* yes, you left off with the pledge of confidentiality
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Was the part about the visit itself posted?
Joni: *MSG* yes
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Probably the next thing that will help people is to know that there is a self-certification component for the provider to complete. It's exactly like the observer workbook so providers know what the observer is looking for.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* There is also a parent survey and 80% of the parents enrolled in the program must complete the survey.
Joni: *MSG* b4 we go to Kim, can you tell us how this benifits the provider?
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Once the packets from both the observer and the candidate are received it takes about 12 weeks for a decision.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Sorry - i was dreaming. Many of the benefits of accreditation are intrinsic. Most accredited providers say it increases their self-esteem. The self-study process itself helps providers see what they're already doing right and helps them make quality improvements relative to the standards so that they are able to measure their progress.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* In some communities accredited programs receive an increased reimbursement for subsidized care and at least one state offers parents a tax incentive for using accredited care.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Are you ready to go to questions?
Joni: *MSG* sure:
Joni: *MSG* Tara? do you
Joni: *MSG* have any questions?
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i have a few
Joni: *MSG* shoot!
Joni: *MSG* oh and remember will also get to hear from some that have gone thru the process yet
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* My name is tara and I started the process 2 years ago. I ran into some complications due to family. then I had a baby who has a medical problem. I am ready to finish
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* I was wondering if they will give me a new packet of papers as I firld out the old ones but then moved
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* so they are not current
barbatnafcc: *MSG* It would probably be easiest for you to call the NAFCC office (800-359-3817) and talk to Yvonne so that she can see where things stand for you. She is the accreditation manager.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* oh ok thx so much
barbatnafcc: *MSG* You're welcome - glad you're ready to get moving again. Good luck.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* thx. I am nursing my baby will they frown on that during the visit
barbatnafcc: *MSG* That shouldn't be a problem - that's why observers need to understand family child care because that's part of your typical day.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* ok thx. I have been worried about it
uniques18: *MSG* Hi
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Relax and do what you usually do.
uniques18: *MSG* My issue is that I'm concerned that I will never be ready for my observation...
uniques18: *MSG* is this common?
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* I am feeling the same thing
tyin12shoes: *MSG* me too
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* so it must be common
barbatnafcc: *MSG* More than you would ever believe. Everyone is nervous about the observation. Even providers who have been accredited several times are nervous. That's why it should be a typical day.
tyin12shoes: *MSG* Do the observers take into consideration that the children act differently when someone new comes in?
uniques18: *MSG* great question
barbatnafcc: *MSG* yes, they know that. But if the children are used to a routine with you and are happy and engaged it isn't usually a problem.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* good ? I have a child who freaks out and screams and screams when a stranger is here
barbatnafcc: *MSG* It helps providers if they tell the children that someone will be there on the day of the visit and that she'll be writing down everything she sees them do. That's their "work"
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* this child just turned 2 and don't seem to understand when I tell him someone is coming
barbatnafcc: *MSG* The observer will actually be more interested in how you help calm the child and get her involved in the activities of the day.
Joni: *MSG* Barbara, you did mention that these observers will have some training and background in childcare
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* what if a child like the one I mentioned is scrared and screaming so you comfort him and then he just clings to you all day
barbatnafcc: *MSG* They should also be familiar with family child care.
Joni: *MSG* it stands to reason that they will be understanding if not completly sympathetic
barbatnafcc: *MSG* If that's a typical day for that child and the others aren't neglected the observer will see it.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* ok :)
Joni: *MSG* how many providers/nationwide are currently accreditated?
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* so the observer is here 4 hrs total or 4 hrs in the morning then go to linch and come back and question you while someone else cares for the children?
barbatnafcc: *MSG* i haven't looked at the numbers lately but we're approaching 3,000
Joni: *MSG* that is fantastic!
barbatnafcc: *MSG* it's a 4 hour observation, a break away from your home, and then an hour to hour and a half interview.
tyin12shoes: *MSG* There are no accredited homes within several hours of me, and I live in a 200,000 pop. city.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* there are still lots of places where there isn't much support for accreditation. Hopefully, that is changing.
uniques18: *MSG* What would be some reasons that an observer (or the committee) would reject a candidate?
barbatnafcc: *MSG* the observer doesn't reject a candidate - the accreditation commission makes the decisions. Usually, it's because there were mandatory standards that were not met or not enough of the other standards were met to indicate that the quality of the program is high.
tyin12shoes: *MSG* Is the percentage fairly high for providers being accepted?
barbatnafcc: *MSG* It's unusual for a provider to be deferred. Many more are successful than not.
tyin12shoes: *MSG* Good!
uniques18: *MSG* Good to know!
barbatnafcc: *MSG* That's why it's important for providers to know it's up to them to let NAFCC know when they're ready.
tyin12shoes: *MSG* What about the modules they are selling on the nafcc website? Do I need those?
Joni: *MSG* are standards usually more or less stringent the state rating systems?
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Joni - I apologize for taking so long to get on here but I have to leave in 10-15 minutes. I want to make sure that everyone has their questions answered. Are there others?
Joni: *MSG* sure think Barbara!
uniques18: *MSG* I don't think I have any other questions...
uniques18: *MSG* Thanks so much for taking the time out to assist us.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* The on-line modules are VERY basic so if you've taken training you probably won't need those. The provider guide will be helpful. The standards are usually higher than most states. Ocassionally, there is a state standard that is higher but then the accreditation is automatically met.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* thx for answering mine
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Good luck to all of you - hope you'll join us in Anaheim for conference in August.
tyin12shoes: *MSG* Thanks so much!
brankd: *MSG* Thank you for talking with us!
Joni: *MSG* I got one more if you don't mind?
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* thx so much Barbra
Joni: *MSG* LOL
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Shoot.
Joni: *MSG* folks often ask if they can use online classes like the ones found on child care lounge or care courses to use torwards training hours. is there are process for those classes to be approved?
BREAL9999: *JOIN* Entered room.
brankd: *MSG* Welcome, BREAL!
barbatnafcc: *MSG* We're working on a process now. I wonder if you and I should do some "real chatting" about how we can make sure they'll be accepted?
BREAL9999_2: *JOIN* Entered room.
Joni: *MSG* that is a plan!
Joni: *MSG* what is best for you?
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* good evening, i got lost
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Right now we say 10 hours of non-contact training but there are lots of things to consider.
Joni: *MSG* just let me know via phone or email
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Wednesday morning would be good. I can call you.
Joni: *MSG* also before you go, I want you to have the web url where the transcript will be posted
Joni: *MSG* so you can review
barbatnafcc: *MSG* great.
Joni: *MSG*
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* am i too late for chat
Joni: *MSG* and Wednesday after 10am edt is fine!
brankd: *MSG* you're fine, BREAL. We're still here.
Joni: *MSG* no Breal, you are not
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* i was wondering if anybody saw me:-)
Joni: *MSG* Barbara needs to go, but we will stay!
Joni: *MSG* thanks again to Barbara, we are so glad for your time!
barbatnafcc: *MSG* Thanks. If you do this again, I'll be more prepared to join.
barbatnafcc: *MSG* My pleasure.
Joni: *MSG* super. we hope the interest grows!
brankd: *MSG* Thanks again!
barbatnafcc: *PART* Left room.
tyin12shoes: *MSG* I have to go pick up my daughter from driver's ed, but hopefully you will all still be here when I get back!
Joni: *MSG* if not, you can also retrieve the transcript
Joni: *MSG* Hi
brankd: *MSG* Hi Bridget!
Joni: *MSG* I would like to turn the mic over to kim
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* Hi Bridget
brankd: *MSG* I'm Kim. I'm in Oklahoma
brankd: *MSG* me? lol
Joni: *MSG* Kim is already accreditated.
Joni: *MSG* yes
Joni: *MSG* I would like to have you share a bit about why you did it
Joni: *MSG* and what you went thru etc.,
brankd: *MSG* Pressure.
brankd: *MSG* Everyone was telling me I should do it. lol
brankd: *MSG* I was able to get a grant to pay for the cost, so I decided to go for it.
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* SOUNDS A bit like the rating scale
Joni: *MSG* no, Tammy has not been in
brankd: *MSG* Without that grant I could not have done it.
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* where are you from Kim
brankd: *MSG* Yes, it is quite a bit like the FDCRS.
brankd: *MSG* I'm in Oklahoma
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* i have to go through the rating scale this year
brankd: *MSG* Barb touched on many of the benefits. But more are...
brankd: *MSG* We've been able to get more $$ in grants for equipment b/c of accreditation
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* i guess i meant where is Joni from
brankd: *MSG* It is a marketing tool for new clients
brankd: *MSG* It makes us stand out in the crowd -- we're the only accredited FDC in our county
brankd: *MSG* We're are looked to for mentoring for other providers
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* that is wonderful
Joni: *MSG* I am in pa
brankd: *MSG* We get "extra" recognition in the media for it
Joni: *MSG* here is the link to the transcript page
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* cold there isn't it
brankd: *MSG* Those are just some of the benefits beyond what Barb mentioned
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* ok
brankd: *MSG* Whoa Joni! Scared me there for a minute! lol
Joni: *MSG* I will have it up in a day or so
Joni: *MSG* book mark
brankd: *MSG* I did :-)
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* ok
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* KIm how long did it take you to complete
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* I started it but need to go back and finish
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* how many children do u ladies care for
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i have 2 and then my daughter
brankd: *MSG* We took 18 mos. We did not really need that long, but we were scared, like what you all mentioned before.
brankd: *MSG* We currently have 16 enrolled
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* wow, u have a center
brankd: *MSG* plus 3 of our own
brankd: *MSG* and a dog, cat & husband. LOLOL
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* how old are your kids
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* what if the children won't leave the observer alone
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* i am married and have 2 sons, almost 21 and almost 16
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* do we need to get them away or will she ignor them
brankd: *MSG* They are trained i how to talk to the children & deal with that.
Joni: *MSG* does animals, have any baring on inspection etc.,
Joni: *MSG* standards for shots?
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i have 2 cats
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* they look at the shot records and health certificates I was told
brankd: *MSG* If I remember correctly (sorry, it's been 2 years) I did have to show shot records
brankd: *MSG* Baby girl, about your little boy that screams...
brankd: *MSG* is he the youngest child in your care (besides your own children)
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* he will be 2 the end opf april
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* it is a lot to be done, i am going to send in papwerwork sometime soon
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* I have been afraid to finsih due to him
brankd: *MSG* But is he th YOUNGEST of your daycarekids?
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* he has some real issues
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* no
brankd: *MSG* Ok then. Something Barb didn't mention.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i have a 4 ms old and then my daughter is 14 ms
brankd: *MSG* You have to have the YOUNGEST child present that day
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* that is no problem as he is here 12 hrs a day mon-friday lol
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* so including my daughter who is the only girl I have her who is 4 ms, boy, 4 ms and boy almost 2
brankd: *MSG* Your little guy who screams could be absent the day of your observation & you'd be ok meeting their requirements
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i thought you had to have 3 kids presnt and only one can be yours
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* that is the way rating scale works also
brankd: *MSG* I believe it was a percentage of children present. 75%? 80% I can't remember for sure
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* i have one that hits all the time
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* he needs to not be there:-)
brankd: *MSG* Shadowing. Lots of shadowing
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* what is shadowing
BREAL9999_3: *JOIN* Entered room.
brankd: *MSG* staying right close to the child to watch for signs to prevent/stop the behavior
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* can you spend time outside
BREAL9999_3: *PART* Left room.
brankd: *MSG* Absolutely! You should!
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* the observer will come out too
brankd: *MSG* Absolutely!
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* if it is really nice can you stay out the whole day
jnique7: *JOIN* Entered room.
brankd: *MSG* When you go to the bathroom, she'll probably even follow you to the door. I kid you not
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* that is true also
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* believe it
Joni: *MSG* welcome!
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* do you take the kids with you so they are always in sight
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* the raters do that also
brankd: *MSG* Whatever you normally do, you should do.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* my dc room is gated off and I leave them for the 3 min
brankd: *MSG* I do not. It is known a provider has to go potty now & then. :-)
brankd: *MSG* Something else I'd like to say. You guys will think I'm nuts, but I really do believe this:
brankd: *MSG* Do NOT schedule your observation on a Full Moon.
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* are they tough on sanitation
brankd: *MSG* I did & it was a big mistake.
jnique7: *MSG* lol
brankd: *MSG* Many many people (teachers included) will tell you children act out, ping off the walls during a Full Moon.
brankd: *MSG* It is true!!!!
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* i have heard that also
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* they always say, it must be a full moon:-)
brankd: *MSG* After my horrendous Accreditation visit, I swore I would never have another observation of any kind during a Full Moon
brankd: *MSG* We have ALOT of observations; our children are used to it.
brankd: *MSG* Yet they acted out TERRIBLY during Accreditation. UGH!
brankd: *MSG* So I blame it on the full moon. :-)
uniques18: *MSG* lol
brankd: *MSG* Oh, BREAL, I just saw your question about sanitation.
brankd: *MSG* Hmmm, I'm not real sure. I mean, I didn't get docked off on it, I just followed the standards.
brankd: *MSG* I do believe that she stood outside the bathroom door, though, so she could hear if I washed my hands or not.
jnique7: *MSG* so do they look at your portfolio's
brankd: *MSG* That's the only thing I could dthink of.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i was told everything should be spick and span. no pets around or smells
brankd: *MSG* portfolio's?
jnique7: *MSG* for the kids
jnique7: *MSG* we were told we had to have them for each child
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* do we need ancidotal records for the kids
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* or do they just need the paperwork from enrollment
brankd: *MSG* Oh, do you mean the children's files? Yes, to make sure their medical info is in there
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* what all is in them
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* in the portfolio
brankd: *MSG* Hmmm, I'm trying to remember.
jnique7: *MSG* and we had to show proof of parent conference and ways that we invite the parents to participate at our facility
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i have the medical papers and enrollment ect
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* how do we show that
brankd: *MSG* I believe she told me all she was looking for was that the parent had listed the name/addr/phone of their child's Dr. & Dentist
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* none of mine have a dentist they are all under 3
jnique7: *MSG* they told us to show letters that we wrote to parents inviting them to participate in activities
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* so like in the newsletter
jnique7: *MSG* yes
tyin12shoes: *PART* Left room.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* do they read your menues
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i do mine online at the cacfp minute menue so I have none posted
brankd: *MSG* I was asked about those things, I do not remember having to provide proof of conferences or parent involvement. We talked about it & she wrote it down.
jnique7: *MSG* i have too many little ones and i dont think i want to go through it
brankd: *MSG* I don't know if she read my menu or not. Mine is posted so she may have.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* how many weeks or ms did you have posted
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* what do you use to make your menue
jnique7: *MSG* plus i am enrolled in the B-K program at my local university and i am not mentally ready
brankd: *MSG* Our forms from the State do not ask for Dentist so I don't have any of that on my kids. NAFCC was fine with that.
brankd: *MSG* I only post 1 week's menu at a time.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* so that was all you had up for her to see
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* I can do that
brankd: *MSG* I'm on the Food Program, so I have to have a menu anyway. I created mine in Word, as a table.
jnique7: *PART* Left room.
brankd: *MSG* I also have the whole month's posted on my website.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i do the minute menue food program
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i have a website but it is old and needs fixed and I don't know how to do it
uniques18: *MSG* brankd, did you plan anything special for your observation?...
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* what do you do with the kids while you cook
BREAL9999_2: *MSG* nite
BREAL9999_2: *PART* Left room.
brankd: *MSG* 'Nite!
uniques18: *MSG* did you have extra crafts, etc.?
brankd: *MSG* I cannot remember the activities we did off the top of my head
uniques18: *MSG* I don't want to do anything differently but still....
brankd: *MSG* My husband is my assistant & he stays in the dc area with the kiddos while I cook.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i see i don't have anyone it is just me
brankd: *MSG* Again, the observer understands Family Child Care
brankd: *MSG* They know you have to cook for the children.
brankd: *MSG* You should do what you normally do for/with the children.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i just sit them at the table with puzzels or something to do and then I cook. Then I get them down and wash their hands and serve the food family stky
brankd: *MSG* That will also help the children stay in their routine & not act out for the observer
brankd: *MSG* Excellent!
uniques18: *MSG* okay...
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* it is hard to serve family stle to an almost 2 yrs old, 14 ms and 4 ms lol
brankd: *MSG* Yes it is lol :-)
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* only the 2 yr old really gets it
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* i serve the 14 ms old and feed her
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* then I feed the 4 ms old a bottle
brankd: *MSG* Well, I have to go. My dh/kids are out of town & they're calling me.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* ok ;)
brankd: *MSG* Thank you all!
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* thx to you
brankd: *MSG* We should do this again sometime, Joni!
brankd: *MSG* bye!
brankd: *PART* Left room.
Joni: *MSG* thanks Kim
uniques18: *MSG* bye,thanks so much.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* thx Kim
Joni: *MSG* I will post when I get the transcript!
uniques18: *PART* Left room.
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* ok thx so much Joni
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* I must get Jana in bed lol
Joni: *MSG* lookout in the newsletter and forums
My_baby_girl_is_one: *MSG* thx Joni this really helped
Joni: *MSG* bybybe
My_baby_girl_is_one: *PART* Left room.
Joni: *PART* Left room.