Alligator and Crocodile Theme and Activities

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Here are some basic theme ideas for helping preschool aged children learn about Alligators and Crocodiles.

Alligator and Crocodile Songs and Fingerplays

Oh She Sailed Away
Oh she sailed away
On a bright and sunny day
On the back of a crocodile
"You see", said she
"He's as tame as he can be
I'll ride him down the Nile."
Well, the croc winked his eye,
As she bade them all good-bye
Wearing a happy smile,
At the end of the ride
The lady was inside
And the smile was on the croc-o-dile.

5 Little Monkeys
5 little monkeys swinging in a tree
Along came a crocodile
Quiet as can be
The first monkey said
"You can't catch me"
4 little monkeys swinging in a tree..., etc.
3 little monkeys swinging in a tree..., etc.
2 little monkeys swinging in a tree..., etc.
1 little monkey swinging in a tree
Along came a crocodile
Quiet as can be
The last monkey said
"You can't catch me"
"You missed me."

Alligator and Crocodile Art Activities

Clothespin Alligator
Paint a clothespin green. When dry, add googly eyes and funfoam teeth.

Crocodile Sock Puppet
Paint the top of an egg carton. When dry, cut in half width-wise and then glue closed. Cut the toe out of a green sock and insert the egg cartons into the hole with the bumps facing each other - these will be the crocodile's teeth. Secure with a green elastic. Glue green pompoms onto the sock for eyes.

Alligator and Crocodile Math and Science

Number Eating Alligator
Use this free song ("Number Eating Alligator") and Greater Than Less Than Alligator page from Intelli-Tunes for a fun number activity.

Alligator Swamp
Mix shaving cream and green tempera paint. Have children play with plastic alligators and crocodiles in the mixture.

Growing Alligator Egg
Buy a Growing Alligator Egg. Drop the 3" alligator egg into water, and watch the gradual hatching process of a baby gator. Great educational fun.

Alligator and Crocodile Motor Skills and Movement


Crocodile, Crocodile Turn Around
Crocodile, crocodile, turn around.
Crocodile, crocodile, touch the ground.
Crocodile, crocodile, dance on your toes.
Crocodile, crocodile, touch your nose.
Crocodile, crocodile, jump up now.
Crocodile, crocodile, take a bow.
Crocodile, crocodile, stomp your feet.
Crocodile, crocodile, take a seat.

Cross Crocodile Pond
Have one child be the crocodile in an area designated as the pond. The other children take turns trying to cross the pond without being caught by the crocodile. If caught, that child becomes the new crocodile.

Stay Out of the Swamp
Use two jump ropes, broomsticks, etc. Set the two objects parallel to each other (forming a swamp). Have the children jump across the swamp trying not to land in the crocodile area. Move the objects farther apart after each attempt.

Alligator and Crocodile Snacks

Alligator Krispies
Make rice krispie squares according to box directions, but substitute 1/2 corn flakes for the cereal to create a bumpy texture. Add green food colouring to the butter/marshmallow mixture before adding the cereal. Have children lightly grease their hands and shape their treat into alligators on labelled pieces of wax paper. Let set and enjoy.

Read About Alligators and Crocodiles

  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile by Bernard Waber
  • Crunch the Crocodile by Josephine Croser
  • Alligator Baby by Robert Munsch
  • The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles
  • A Girl and Her Gator by Sean Bryan

More Alligator and Crocodile Fun

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