Are They Ready for Toilet Training?

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A child's readiness for toilet training is very individual. Although there are some general guidelines, children progress at their own rate and rushing them often proves to do more harm then good.

Prerequisite Skills

There are some specific skills a child must have before they are ready for this big step.

Physical Skills

  • They can recognize the feeling of urgency.
  • The child wants to be a "big" girl or boy.
  • They are able to pull pants up and down with minimum assistance.

Emotional Skills

  • The child wants to please adults.
  • They can control the urge to go.
  • The child likes to imitate others.
  • The child can follow directions.

Communication Skills

There are basically three steps that will show you a child is ready to start potty training.

  • The child can communicate that he or she has already gone or messed their diaper.
  • The child can communicate that they are in the process of eliminating.
  • The child can predict and communicate that they need to go to the toilet soon.