Birthday Time: Celebrations in Child Care

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A child in your child care program is having a birthday. This need not be a chaotic time. Providers on our message board and Facebook page share how they make this day a special day:

  • I make a cake or cupcakes or they can bring something store bought. We have a party during afternoon snack time. I always check the clearance racks at the store for paper goods. They don't have to all match. I let the birthday child pick out his/hers. I give a gift from all of us. It's usually a book. I sign the inside cover with my daycare name, my name and the names of the other daycare kids.


  • Usually the parents bring treats and we do special things that day and I get the child a small gift from me that they take with them when they leave at the end of the day
  • A small party usually during afternoon snack time. I usually make the cake, but I have had a few nice mom's bring treats or cupcakes. (most just take it for granted that I'll do it!!). I buy a small gift for the birthday kid.
  • I make treat bags and they get a b-day crown. Usually the parents send in a treat, but if they don't I make a cake.
  • I usually make the cake, (used to be a cake decorator for Walmart and Jay C stores) and we have that in the afternoon. I also buy the child a book and put the daycare name and all the children's names inside with the date.
  • I do celebrate birthdays. I invite the parent to bring a special treat for our afternoon snack (or morning snack if they only come in the morning). I give them a book from Scholastic usually as a gift.
  • I don't buy gifts but the birthday child gets to put their order in for any lunch and dessert they prefer. This could be any of the old faves or pizza or burgers or anything
  • We sing our own rousing version of the Happy Birthday song...the birthday child gets to pick their crown and sticker, eat his/her lunch on "the special plate", enjoy birthday treats with candles to blow out (giggles over and over due to the fact that some candles keep re-lighting themselves) and take home birthday cards created just for them by his/her friends...and of course the whole day is preserved in their memories and on a dvd with lots of pictures!
    ~Beth W.