Build a Website to Promote Your Child Care Program

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Having your child care program on the internet is a super way to advertise and reach many new families! There are multiple free web site builders available to get you started. Here are some basic ideas to get you started in creating your own website.

    1. Find a place for your website to live, so that your website will have a unique address (URL). If you are just starting out, your best best is to go with one of the many free hosts available. If you wish to keep things simple, choose a program that offers simple template. Take the time to play with a few of the choices before deciding.
If you would like to purchase a domain name and create a website other than the free sites, we recommend
      . They also have templates, and the domain name is completely yours and not part of another website.

  1. Once you have more experience or you get brave, you may wish to design your website using HTML code. Some websites to help you:
  2. Here are just a few wonderful places to find graphics to add to your site:
  3. Check out the websites of other providers for inspiration.
  4. Your website is only a valuable marketing tool if parents can find it. There are some places to promote your website: