CDA Checklist

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Here is a checklist that I made for a class that I taught. It will help you keep track of what you need for your resource collection for your CDA.

CDA Resource Collection

  1. _____ Name of agency and telephone number to report child abuse concerns
  2. _____A record of Red Cross or other agency first aid class certificate of completion (within past 3 yrs)
  3. _____Agency name(s) that supplies information on nutrition for children
  4. _____4 songs, including two from other cultures. Include music and words.
  5. _____Include three creative activities: one of each for toddlers, 3’s and 4’s. List all material and how you expect children to use them.
  6. _____Titles, authors , publishers and copyright dates of 5 children’s books that support development of gender identity by portraying males and females in diverse roles.
  7. _____Titles, authors, publishers and copyright dates of 2 picture books that deal with the human reproductive process.
  8. _____Titles, authors, publishers and copyright dates of 3 children’s books that deal with separations, divorce, remarriage, or blended families.
  9. _____Name of local hospital and its polices about group field trips, orientation for children scheduled for hospitalization, and parents’ presence during children’s inpatient stays.
  10. _____Agency name and phone number for making referrals to family counseling.
  11. _____Policies for your program that specify what parents should do and what program does for parents.
  12. _____Samples of 3 types of record keeping forms used in group care programs, including accident report and emergency form.
  13. _____Name and contact information of agency that regulates child care centers and homes; copy of current regulations.
  14. _____Brochure(s) and membership information from two or three national early childhood education associations.
  15. _____ Pamphlet(s) designed for parents about how children grow and learn. (no more than 5)
  16. _____An observation tool for recording information about children’s behavior. One copy should be blank; the other filed out with a sample observation of a child. (Anonymous)
  17. _____ Name and contact information of agencies in the community that provide resources for children with disabling conditions.