CDA Recipients Talk About Getting Their CDA Credential

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1. How long ago did you get your CDA?

Last 6 mnths 18.2% (2)
Last year 18.2% (2)
1-3 years ago 18.2% (2)
3+ years ago with no renewal 9.1% (1)
3+ years ago with renewal 36.4% (4)
TOTAL 100.0% 11

2. Why did you get your CDA?

To get a job 9.1% (1)
To keep a job (0)
To get promoted 18.2% (2)
To start towards a degree 27.3% (3)
other 45.5% (5)
TOTAL 100.0% 11

3. What CDA setting did you pursue?

Center 18.2% (2)
Family Daycare 81.8% (9)
TOTAL 100.0% 11

4. How long did the entire process take you?

Less than 1 yr 63.6% (7)
1-2 yrs 36.4% (4)
TOTAL 100.0% 11

5. What was the most difficult or challenging for you?

The work requirment 36.4% (4)
The training requirement (0)
The observation/assesment 36.4% (4)
The resource file 27.3% (3)
TOTAL 100.0% 11

6. What were you worried about before you started that turned out to be okay?

1 funnily, I was worried I would fail any tests. I am in my 50's and thought I couldn't do tests. I took each class as it came and did great with it and built my confidence.
1 I had never taken college courses or for that matter of fact any courses like the Child Care Careers. I was very nervous about having to get up and do things in front of class. But it sure helped me to become a more Professional Provider....
1 I thought the test was going to be much harder than it was, but it was all common sence stuff....
1 I was worried about the assessment and testing.
1 My adviser was not easy going. She took a look at my resource folder and said it wasn't finish, without looking in it:(
1 nothing
1 the assessmaent
1 The observation
1 Travel time

7. Tell us about your adviser, how did you find one and what role did they play?

1 Given one by a grant. Not much
1 I had a classroom setting for my CDA. Our teacher was our advisor and observer. She played a big part in the learning process and became a friend. I still refer to her now that I am in the process of getting an Accreditation.
1 I received my CDA through the Smart Start Grant
1 I took classes through our Resource and referral program
1 I was assigned one through my class and she play a great role in my process.
1 my adviser came from my college, they did nothing more than observe me.
1 My advisor was my Teachers friend. She was very easy yet strict on what she saw and had some very valid points in things I could change and all turned out great.
1 she was my director at the time.. I thank her every day I got into the field. She helped me along the way and for many years after.
1 the Weymouth, Mass CPC paid for some of my trainings and they also paid for the Advisor who works out of the resource and referral agency

8. Did you encounter any difficulties with the process that you did not expect? please describe?

1 I found some of the classes to be very challenging, yet rewarding. I learned alot!
4 no
1 no not really but then it was over 13 years ago when I got it done and renewed twice.
1 Not with traintng per se, but in the middle I lost my father and became pregnant so I put off the rest of classes and it was hard to start up again

9. What were the benefits to getting your CDA?

1 better pay, better recognition sense of accomplishment
1 I felt like I accomplished something........
1 I placed at a higher level in my business and I can add to my job and have proof that I'm not just a baby sitter:). I love what I do so what better way to add to my education to benefit both me and the children that's in my care.
1 Increased knowledge
1 it got me a job as a daycare teacher and evenually got my AAS degree in ECE.
1 It improved my program and gave me more confidance in what I do.
1 new job opportunities
1 REWARD incenitives bi-yearly through our State, more money, better pay and it helped to make me the Professional Childcare Provider I am today! I can say before I got my CDA I was a Professional Babysitter! LOL
1 Saying I had it at daycare meetings

10. What should someone thinking about getting their CDA know?

1 Do your work and do wait until the last minute to get your resource items together and your statement goal. You can have a group of friends that become life long friends with you all working toward the same goal. If you are going to class get with a group it helps and it works.
1 get lots of help, dont try to do it on your own
1 it was fun learning and have patience.
1 its lots of writing!!
1 Its not what its craked up to be.
1 That it takes time, patience, energy and money. Take your time, move at your own pace, develop a love for what you are learning or don't bother. The reason I say that is because if you don't have a desire to learn more about the business your in, your in the wrong business, the kids lose and you lose. If you do it, do it with all your heart and because its not only a job, its a profession to be proud of. You are developing tomorrows future!
1 They should know that if they can work towards their cda with others, they will learn from each other. I would say it is a good thing to do to help you provide the absolute best care for the children in your home.