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Preparing for the Childcare Day - Family daycare providers share the ways that they save time by preparing for the day.

Infant Activities - Child care providers share some infant activities.

Parachute Science - Great fun on a windy day!

Frugal Preschool Math Ideas - Here are some ideas for math materials and activities for math using cheap items found at a bargain or dollar store.

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Transition Time - tips to ease this time.

The Best of the Child Care Forum - Past discussions and topics on the Child Care Lounge Message Board forum.

Name Tags and Identification - Helps with pre-literacy skills.

Parents’ Night Out - Does your child care program offer a parent's night out?

Play Clay Ornaments - A simple recipe

Rainy Day Fun - What do you do in you child care program when it rains all day and the children need to run and play?

Signing with Young Children - Childcare providers share resources and ideas for using sign language with young children

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Do you have a great tip that could help other directors? Have you found a way to save money, save time, or just make things easier? I invite you to share with others. Just complete and submit the form at the right-side column on this page. Submission does not guarantee inclusion. Thanks!

Tips from Peers

On occasion I would leave a small note in a staff's mailbox. These notes would say things like "Your commitment to quality care shows" "Thanks for going the extra mile today" I find these really boosted staff morale.
~ Joni

We make up goodie bags with gum mints body spray etc to boost the employees:)
~ Susan-Kids In Motion Daycare/Preschool

Being a Non-Conatct Director I have the ability to reward my staff with extra planning time. Once every month I give my Group Leaders an extra 3 hours of planning time in one day and I take their Group. They really feel valued and refreshed after this.
~ Jodi-Long Daycare

I welcome students of child development to do their internships at our program. This is my primary source for hiring new staff as they already know the children and the program!"
Paula-Bright Days Child Care Center

Be sure to have a specific place for staff communication and messages, we have little cubby boxes and a wipe board for notices.
Nancee-Tiny Hearts Children's Center

We send home "Read to Us" invitations. Once a month we have a family member volunteer 15 minutes of their day to share a story or picture book. The kids love it and it helps families feel important and involved.
~ Kirsten-HRWS Early Care Program

I reward my staff with little treats in thier cubbies and they now have a very nice break room.
~ Tasha -Eagle's Wings Preschool & Childcare Center

I sent copies of our brochure to real estate office to include in their "Welcome Wagon" materials.
~ Amber B.-Teddy Bear Preschool

About once a month (although we have weekly meetings) I ask the staff a question at the beginning of the week to respond to at that weeks's meeting. For instance "What ideas or suggestions do you have to limit staff stress levels? This gives the staff a feeling of involvment.
~ Barbra H.-Carousel of Children

Instead of having a fancy birthday party at the center, we suggest to parents that they can donate a book to the class in the child's honor.
~ Nicki Greatie -Better Start Preschool

I put a small table with a lamp and a plush chair in our lobby. We added a few current magazines on the table.You would be amazed how this seems to make parents feel welcome. They sometimes take a minute just to catch their breathe or to sit and listen to their child about their day.
~ August J.-Beveldere Point Child Care

Let the staff have a turn at leading staff meetings.
~ Lorrie Crawley -New Beginnings Child Care

We have recliners in all the classrooms for the teachers. And, it is really appreciated.
~ Sue S. -Little Bear Daycare, Inc.

I encourage my parents to help read to our children, by sending home a tape recorder, to which they read a book and record it. I then copy the cover of the book they choose to read and put it on the case of the cassette tape. Then at nap time the children look over the tapes and select which book. This gives the parents another a great way to read to the children when they can not take time off.(The children love to quess which parents is reading the story)
~ Cheryl A Dubois -Sunshine Childcare and Preschool

We send out staff memos to review any negative items that need to be turned into positive (staff all sign and date). We save our staff meetings for ONLY learning, workshops, games, motivation, and doorprizes. This keeps us all on our toes and ready to go for our young children, our parents, and each other as a team. Great team-builder!
~ Stephanie Aldridge -Abernethy Memorial Child Development Center