Child Care Providers Share Some Infant Activities

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I was in the infant room. There were 3 boys aged 10-12 months. We had several empty plastic containers and lids. I put some cereal in them and they dumped them in and out and shook them. One figured out the lid. One was wide enough for their hand and part of their arm. They placed the lids on the empty containers and on their heads. We put on the lid and made a drum. I even had a pop bottle without the lids and put some ceral in theirs. They shook it. One stuck in one finger trying to get the cereal. They were there at least 20 minutes. They were fascinated. I then blew on the pop bottle and made the whistling music tones- one boy blew on his bottle and then he handed it to me to blow on. Talk about using everyday items you have around the home. WOw this was such a learning experience and who says babies cant have fun!!!

I do sticker art with them. I allow them to put stickers on paper. Just have to watch the little ones that they don't put the stickers in their mouths.I also read books, do music and movement activities, go outside, let the children play in the sand/water table, blow bubbles.

I find I am constantly reading or singing nursery rhymes to the infants/toddlers. They love the repetition. I get down in the floor with them and just play. We use stacking blocks, nesting cups, etc...
~Mrs. Tammy