Customized Training for Child Care Centers

Learn More About Our Online Classes
Are you worried that staff is not in compliance for annual child care training requirements? Are you having a hard time finding online child care classes for  professional development that is both affordable and convenient? Are you seeking in-service training that you know is of high quality and will reflect the goals of your program? Child Care Lounge can help!

We can help you develop a training plan for your staff that meets both individual needs as well as meets compliance for state regulations, quality assurance initiatives, and accreditation.

There are multiple ways that we can meet your needs for training your staff!

  • 1. Follow this link to find online child care classes that you would like your staff to take; you can arrange a group discount and they can take independently at their own pace. You can enroll your staff in the same class or different classes. You can also review the class content together and submit work individually.
  • 2. Email us at to schedule one of our popular webinars just for your staff: Every Child Is Unique Online Class or The Impact of Violence Online Class
  • 3. Still don't see the course you want? We'll create it for you!
We are an experienced training provider: Each year we train over 7,000 employees from over 75 companies and programs. Go here to learn more about what makes us special! We will work with you to build customized training that encompasses the dynamics of your organization and ensures that the specifics of both class content and scheduling are designed to meet your specific needs and objectives. All our courses are interactive, incorporating adult learning principles and are directly and immediately applicable to the workplace. We will even incorporate your company relevant examples into the scenarios, class content. You will find that our training and customization process is affordable, convenient and designed specifically to meet your unique requirements.