Dr. Seuss Theme and Activities

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There are many fun ways you can celebrate the Birthday of Dr. Seuss (March 2). Below are some theme activity ideas related to many of his books.

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dr.seuss theme

Cat in the Hat

  • As a group activity, make a poster or list of fun things to do on a rainy day.
  • Have a silly hat day.
  • Fingerplay (make 5 tiny hats for fingers)
    One little cat on a sunny day
    Put on his hat and went out to play
    Two little cats when it started getting dark
    Put on their hats and went to the park.
    Three little cats when the sky was blue
    Put on their hats and went to the zoo.
    Four little cats by the kitchen door
    Put on their hats and went to the store.
    Five little cats on a sunny day
    Put on their hats and they all ran away
  • Mini Cat's Hats - Start with a Ritz cracker. Spread a layer of cream cheese on. Add a thin cherry tomato slice and repeat.
  • Make a toilet paper tube Cat in the Hat craft.
  • Balance like the cat. Provide different ways to balance (on one foot, on heels, on toes, walking a straight line...) and give children bean bags to balance one on their head, elbow, back, foot, etc.

The Sneetches

  • Play Sneetch Ball. Every other person in a circle gets a star to wear on their bellies. Using a large ball, have kids pass the ball to someone who is different from them.
  • McBean Says. Give each child a star cut-out. Play McBean Says (like Simon Says) by having children put the star on their nose, raise the star in the air, place the star on the floor, etc.
  • Talk about similarities and differences. Have two children at a time stand in front of the group and talk about what is the same about them and what is different. (Hair color, Boy or Girl, Type of shirt they are wearing, etc).

The Foot Book

  • Make a foot poster by tracing the children's feet onto butcher paper. Or have children sit in a chair and dip their feet into finger paint, and let them paint with their feet.
  • Measure all of your children's feet. Trace them and put them in order of smallest to largest.
  • Put all the children's shoes in a pile. Blindfold one child and have them feel around. Once they have picked a pair they have to guess whose shoes they are!

Yertle the Turtle

  • Make a turtle by stapling or lacing two paper plates together. Use construction paper for head and feet. Let children stuff with newspaper and decorate. For a fun game, see how high you can stack them.
  • Stone Stacking. Get a bag of rocks or stones (from dollar store or home store). Have children roll a dice and stack that many stones. They will learn to use flatter, bigger stones on the bottom.
  • Fingerplay
    I had a little turtle
    Who lived in a box,
    He swam in the water
    And he climbed on the rocks.
    He snapped at a mosquito,
    He snapped at a flea.
    He snapped at a minnow
    And he snapped at me!
    He caught the mosquito,
    He caught the flea,
    He caught the minnow,
    But he couldn’t catch me!

Green Eggs and Ham

  • Make your own green eggs and ham simply by adding a few drops of food coloring to the milk when you are beating the eggs.
  • Pass the Egg. Play a version of Hot Potato but substitute a green plastic Easter egg for the potato.
  • Egg Painting. Provide children with plastic eggs of all sizes. Have them dip the half eggs (circle part) into paints and make egg prints.

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