Employee Performance Appraisal

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When evaluating the performance of one of your teachers, it is good to have a standard rating system in place. Here are ratings and standards for use when it is time to do performance appraisal.

Directions for Supervisor

  • Staff should be rated on based on the requirements of their job description and not compared to other staff performance to make the appraisal more objective.
  • Rate staff as a 1, 2, or 3 in all categories. Most staff are Core performers and that's ok. That means they are doing their job. Top performers always give that extra effort.
  • Add all ratings to determine the staff rating for the evaluation period.

Definition of Ratings

Top Performer (Rating of 3)

  • consistently and substantially exceed requirements of the position and performs at optimum levels of effectiveness
  • exhibit leadership behaviors consistent with the values and goals of the center considered role models and used as mentors
  • brings new ideas or processes which benefit the center and the children
  • creative problem solver, implementing new ways of working to make positive changes
  • described as distinguished, remarkable, and extraordinary
  • exhibit exceptional quality while meeting challenging demands


Core Performer (Rating of 2)

  • consistently meets requirements of the position and performs satisfactorily and in a reliable manner successfully do their jobs
  • demonstrate leadership behaviors consistent with center values and goals
  • consistent, ongoing achievement of the established standards
  • described as knowledgeable and reliable


Low Performer (Rating of 1)

  • may inconsistently meet or fail to meet requirements and standards for the position
  • performance is not at expected levels and/or was not done in a way that demonstrates the center goals and values
  • meets some of the minimum requirements of the position but may need to improve performance to meet expected levels in some areas of performance
  • includes employees who may be new in their job and learning new skills and/or employees who need to improve and develop in their job
  • immediate and sustained improvement is required for this staff
Managers of these employees should be meeting with the employee on a frequent basis.


Performance Standard

Customer Service
Passionate and dedicated to serving children and families. Provides exceptional customer service at every interaction, acts in the best interest of the children and families. Establishes and maintains effective relationships in order to gain trust and respect; demonstrates respect for others; engenders trust; responds to customer concerns in an appropriate and timely manner, owns customer problems through to resolution

Staff Rating: _____

Job Knowledge and Technical Skills
Possesses functional, technical, business, and professional knowledge and skills to do the job at a high level of accomplishment, knows how and when to apply technical procedure, uses curriculum and enhancement materials appropriately and consistently, maintains classroom effectively, develops and maintains a positive learning environment for children, prepares and follows company curriculum that is appropriate for the developmental stages of the child, maintains state in-service requirements

Staff Rating: _____

Arrives at work in a timely manner on regularly scheduled days as well as leaving and returning from scheduled breaks during the day. Follows proper call in procedures when unable to report to work, can be depended upon to follow through on commitments and responsibilities

Staff Rating: _____

Produces an acceptable amount of work, able to handle the workload, does what is asked and delivers work on time, does work correctly the first time without waste or rework

Staff Rating: _____

Quality of Work
Maintains classroom ratios at all times, follows appropriate attendance and child count procedures, adheres to proper medication, bottle feeding and safety procedures, takes preventative and proactive measure to avoid the occurrence of child related accidents or injuries, accurate and consistent, adheres to and enforces center policies, requirements, licensing, and accreditation regulations

Staff Rating: _____

Accepts responsibility willingly, creative in solving problems, generates ideas for improvements, seeks feedback regarding performance, applies new skills, solves problems without being asked, takes on or seeks out new tasks and assignments willingly, seeks opportunities for development and applies new skills, participates enthusiastically in training and professional development to advance skills, learns from mistakes and takes responsibility for improving performance

Staff Rating: _____

Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
Genuinely cares about and relates to all kinds of people constructively and effectively, approaches issues and problems through teamwork and collaborative efforts, addresses conflict in a fair, equitable and diplomatic manner, shares ideas and information, emphasizes the positive, viewed as a team player, focuses on solving problems, supports decisions, is collaborative and inclusive

Staff Rating: _____

Planning and Organization
Is prepared with materials required for planned classroom activities, sets and meets reasonable and achievable goals with respect to assignments in area of expertise, manages time and resources so that results are achieved with minimum disruption of other work areas

Staff Rating: _____

Oral and Written Communication
Displays clarity and accuracy in all forms of communications, listens well, communicates effectively with parents both orally and in writing, demonstrates professionalism in all interactions, utilizes appropriate communication style based on the audience and situation

Staff Rating: _____

Acts with Integrity
Adheres to and acts in line with company Mission and Values at all times, encourages candidness in others and models ethics and integrity in all aspects of the job, maintains confidentiality of children, families, staff and coworkers, demonstrates understanding of others' needs or position, honest and diplomatic in interactions, values cultural religious and ethnic differences, upholds and enforces center policies, demonstrates respect for children in interactions and guidance, promptly reports child related incidents to management

Staff Rating: _____

Overall Staff Rating for Performance Appraisal Period: _____

Top Performers 30-20
Core Performers 20-10
Low Performers Below 10