Expanding Your Family Child Care to a Group Child Care Home

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If you have a family childcare, maybe you have considered expanding your program to a group childcare home so you can serve more children. Your first step is to check your local laws and regulations. Each state is very different. Some states may require you to be licensed or registered. Usually, there will be more regulations than there were for family daycare.

Possible Changes in Regulations

  • The need for another provider
  • A change in ratio requirements
  • More space needed
  • Additional training or educational requirements for staff.
  • Stricter safety regulations
  • More frequent inspections

Benefits of Expanding to a Group Child Care

  • More income
  • Another adult is there for assistance and support

Drawbacks to Expanding to a Group Child Care

  • Need to purchase more equipment
  • Higher operating costs
  • Paperwork and taxes associated with having employees
  • Finding qualified assistants and substitutes.

I would like to thank these providers for their input: Munchikns6, Mkindall, Azmomsit4, Tammytot1, Barbianne1, Peanutpatch