Exploring Music and Movement With Young Children

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Music and movement activities can be a fun part of every day in your preschool!

Benefits of Music and Movement

  • Provides a means of communication and expression
  • Serves as an emotional release
  • Heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity
  • Develops and promotes creative thinking
  • Develops an appreciation for individuality
  • Serves as a balance in classroom activities
  • Assists in the development of physical coordination and body awareness
  • Strengthens self-concept and self confidence
  • Increases self understanding
  • Enhances the ability to differentiate sounds
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Provides opportunities for problem- solving and decision making
  • Provides insight and assists the adult in understanding the child
  • Develops self-relaxation and regulation skills
  • Illustrates cause and effect
  • Stimulates the part of the brain that learns
  • Develops math concepts and skills

Make Musical Instruments!

  • Paper plate Tambourines
  • Jingle bell bracelets (sewn onto ponytail holders, or threaded onto pipe cleaners)
  • Bottle Music (glass bottles or glasses filled with different amounts of water, spoons)
  • Milk carton or cereal box guitar
  • Comb/wax paper harmonica
  • Plastic egg shakers
  • Clear soda bottle shakers
  • Oatmeal container drum
  • Dowel sticks (hit together to keep the beat)
  • Sandpaper blocks (to rub together)
  • Soda bottle whistles (blow downward, from the side, to make sound)
  • Snapple juice lid clackers
  • Pots and Pan lid cymbals

Copyright 2005 ~Cathy Abraham