For Love or Money: Rewards of Being a Teacher

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Becoming a child care provider or teacher is not a quick path to wealth. But child care is a very rewarding career. Read about what has been rewarding to other providers and teachers...submitted by Message Board members and Facebook Fans.

"Enjoying seeing them learn new things, smile and be happy to see me and knowing that I'm doing a job I love and parents have so much trust to leave the most important thing in their life's in my care." 
~Kelly H.

"Children are our future. Helping shape the future is pretty amazing. Some of my first dc kids are college age and have turned out to be pretty amazing people! Pretty proud to have contributed to that." 
~Lori A.

"Knowing the parents have a safe and joyful, loving place to put their children when they cannot be with them. This is shown by the many smiles and hugs a great teacher receives daily. Knowing every bump and boo boo's goes unnoticed by caring staff. Knowing children are learning at any given moment. " 
~Christine S.

"3 little girls have grown up in day care gone to the same school through Junior High and have recently graduated from high school. I was fortunate to attend their graduations recently. I was so proud of each of them 2 still call me teacher Doris. The other one calls me Mom. For me, seeing those 3 girls stay friends and become successful young ladies sure me proud! I started doing daycare to be there for my own kids, and through the years I have been there for many other children as well. The kids are as good for me as I am for them. It works out well for all of us." 

"One child said this was the best years of his life. I love to encourage children to be their very best. To teach them learning activities with themes, art, cooking watching a 1.5 year old crack an egg. I try to provide each part of their day to be special. Even children saying their first prayers here."

"The rewards come in forms of learning you see them every day discover something .... It brings such joy to my heart!"

"There have been so many rewards, but I think one of the ones that stands out the most is "J". He was a victim of shaken baby syndrome and very developmentally behind when I got him. He was so sweet and loveable that everyone navigated to him. The doctors held very little hope for him to do much. As he grew and I worked with him daily he learned to walk, talk pretty good, and was catching up developmentally. An opening came up for him to attend a developmental preschool so he left my program so he could receive more one on one help but he still calls me and comes to visit often. Seeing this child master things that drs had very little hope for him was a blessing for me and something that will always give me hope for other children to make it with love and nurturing."

"I think my most rewarding was when my 20 year old daughter (the reason I started doing daycare in my home, so I could be home to raise her) said she admired what I did and would like to do the same."

"I didn't realize what a good effect dc would have on my own kids. I was so worried about all the negative stuff that my kids might experience having a passel of preschoolers in our house all day, that I never even thought of how this would enrich their lives. And it truly has. They have learned patience and tolerance, which are invaluable in life."

"I had a child in my care when he was about 4. He was handicapped in his speech and actions. His parents had a very trying time with him. He was at times I will say very trying and pushed my patience to the limit, but I loved him all the more. I had so many high expectations for him, that I felt he could accomplish. To this day when he moved on from my childcare home to a daycare center (because he was getting so big, playing with the kids, he was actually hurting them, bruising etc, because he didn’t realize his playing was so rough, he just wanted to be like them) anyway his Mother and I both cried when he had to leave, but still to this day, he has turned out to be a very loving child. He is now 12/250lbs/size 13 shoe/6ft. 3/big kid, but the most caring/loving kid you will ever meet. He comes by to visit when his dad comes to spray my house (pesticide) and he tells me daycare stinks now in his big husky voice, but when he tells me he loves me before he leaves I just melt and my heart soars out to him knowing "I" made a difference in his life, where a lot of people would have shunned him, I loved him and his love in return now has made my job as a Professional childcare provider all the worth while."