Frogs Theme and Activities

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Here are some basic theme ideas for helping preschool aged children learn about frogs.

Frog Songs and Fingerplays

I'm A Little Frog
I'm a little frog
Just a pollywog
I live in the brook
Underneath the bog
And because it's Spring
Spring, Spring, Spring
I'm so happy that I want to
Sing, sing, sing.

5 Green and Speckled Frogs
5 green and speckled frogs
Sat on a speckled log
Eating some most delicious bugs - yum, yum
One jumped into the pool
Where it was nice and cool
Now there are 4 green, speckled frogs - glub, glub
4 green and speckled frogs... etc
3 green and speckled frogs... etc
2 green and speckled frogs... etc
1 green and speckled frog
Sat on a speckled log
Eating some most delicious bugs - yum, yum
He jumped into the pool
Where it was nice and cool
Now there are no green, speckled frogs - glub, glub!

Ga-Goo Went the Little Green Frog One Day
Ga-goo went the little green frog one day (stand and bend down frog-style on Ga-goo)
Ga-goo, ga-goo
Ga-goo went the little green frog one day
And his eyes went rolly polly (circle hands away from eyes downwards)
Well you know frogs don't
La-te-da-de-da, La-te-da-de-da, La-te-da-de-da, (clap hands out and jump one way then the other)
Well you know frogs don't
La-te-da-de-da, they never go Ga-goo

A Little Green Frog
There once was a little green frog, frog, frog,
Who sat in the woods on a log, log, log.
A screech owl sitting in a tree, tree, tree,
Came after the frog with a scree, scree, scree
When the frog heard the owl in a flash, flash, flash,
He jumped in the pond with a splash, splash, splash!

Frog and I
The frog and I, the frog and I can sing and hop (hop)
We both can dive, we both can swim (make swimming motion)
Although I can't compete with him (shrug)
We both have skin thats on to stay (pull up skin)
But mine is not green I'm glad to say

Frog Art Activities

Pom Pom Frogs
Cut frog feet shape from green fun foam. Glue a large green pom pom onto the foam. Glue 2 medium sized white pom poms onto the green pom pom for eyes. Glue one small black pom pom in the center of each of the white ones to complete the eyes.

Stuffed Frog
Draw a top view pattern of a frog onto a piece of card paper. Use the template to cut 2 frog shapes from green felt. Use a glue gun or fabric glue to glue the top and bottom pieces together leaving an opening at the back of the frog. Stuff with batting. Glue the opening. Add 2 white pompoms for eyes and one small black pom pom in the center of each of the white ones.

Paper Plate Frog
Paint the underside of a paper plate green. When dry, fold in half. Cut 4 frog legs from fun foam. Place 2 of the legs to the side of the folded plate and staple closed. Glue the other 2 legs to the underside at the back for the rear legs.

Shape Frog
Cut one large circle, one large triangle, and 2 small triangles from green construction paper. Glue the circle to the large triangle to create the head and body of the frog. Glue the small triangles on either side of the bottom points of the larger triangle for feet. Add large googly eyes and draw a mouth with red marker.

Tissue Paper Frog
Give each child a cut-out of a frog. Have them cut out eyes and other features from paper. Next, have them use different colors of green tissue paper squares to glue to the paper to form a neat frog design. For an added effect, dye a coffee filter to make a Lilly pad.

Frog Math and Science

Lilypad Counting
Cut out our Numbered Lilypad Printable. Laminate and have children place matching number of frog counters on each lilypad. Frog Counters can be purchased on 

Frog Observation
If you can, add a fish tank to your classroom with tadpoles and/or frogs. This is a great opportunity for children to observe frogs and watch how tadpoles become frogs.

Frog Motor Skills and Movement

Leap Frog
Children form a line with a body space between them. They crouch down as small as they can. The person at the back of the line is the frog and leaps up the line gently tapping on the backs of the other children as they go 'leap frog'. When at the front, they crouch down and the new last person is the frog.

Lily Pads
Make lily pads out of posterboard and tape them to the floor. Have children jump from one to another, acting like frogs. You can also use the lily pads to play a version of musical chairs, but musical lily pads instead.

Frog Snacks

Frog Cupcakes
Make cupcakes according to the directions on your favourite cake mix box. Let cool. Tint white icing with green food colouring and ice cupcakes. Add a circle of white icing to the center of a green circle gummie candy. Push the gummy candies into the cupcakes for the eyes.

Frog Floats
Put one scoop of lime sherbert into a cup. Add 7-Up or Sprite. Add miniature marshmallows or M&M's to the sherbert for the frog's eyes.

Read About Frogs

  • The Wide-Mouthed Frog: A POP-UP BOOK by Jonathan Lambert
  • The Icky Sticky Frog by Dawn Bentley
  • A Frog Thing by Eric Drachman
  • The Frog Prince by Margaret Mayo

Other Frog Resources

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