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Family Child Care Providers share where they got their grants and how to apply.

I'm in Missouri. My grant came through a local community partnership - It was a bonus for getting licensed. Prior to this grant I got a $3000 home and safety grant and then another $700 for commerical equipment. 
~ Dneul1

I received a grant for $500. It is for family care providers from AT&T. You have to have a current child care parent that works for AT&T (not AT&T Wireless, Broadband or Technical Services Co.) sponsor you. They can get the paperwork for you or you can call AT&T Family Care Development Fund at 973-746-6226 and ask that it be sent to you. The grant can be used for equipment or training. You have to be a licensed/registered or legally exempt provider
~ Shayronnie

I got mine through 4C's in Michigan. It is a competitive grant. You have to write up a proposal and submit it, then it's judged and they will let you know if you won or not. I think $3500 is the max you can get. You can use it for toys, equipment, remodeling, but not for construction. Some people have used them to get fences, flooring, carpeting. You have to have at least 25% of your children paid for by FIA.
~ Munchikns6

I got a $250.00 Gold Seal Award grant when I got my accreditation. Most of my grants have been through our county empowerment board...just make sure everyone knows what you do.
~ Anonymous

My grant was issued by the department of family services by the State of Wyoming so that we could all be in compliance with the new rules that were issued in July of 2001. For anyone in Wyoming who would be interested in a grant, you need to contact your local licensing officer of the state of Wyoming DFS office in Cheyenne.
~ Magicaldays


I applied for and was just notified today that I was approved for a $1500 grant in Illinois. I just started home child care in August and finally got licensed in for me to apply for and actually get my first ever grant has me very excited and happy. I get to purchase: koala changing station, double stroller, 2 car seats, 8-in-1 adjustable playground, sensory table, pack-n-play, and toddler playspace (soft vinyl covered foam indoor climbing structures for toddlers.