Getting Credit for Online Childcare Training

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How to get credit for online childcare training classes


Notification of Certificate and Learner Records Information

Your Official Certificate will be sent by email separately after your class work is graded. Many states have specific requirements to receive credit for the training that you receive at Child Care Lounge.

State Registries. If you live in any of the following states then you need to be sure that you tell us your ID # so that we can enter you in your state registry.

If you did not enter this number when you enrolled in a class you can update your profile in the classes website, or email the information to


IL - Gateways Registry ID

PA - Registry ID

OK - Registry ID

MI- Registry ID


SC- Registry ID


WI - Registry ID


If you live in any of the following states, please review additional information and (if applicable) click the link provided for additional state forms.

*Florida providers: If you are a Home Child Care Provider, click here for your In-Service Training Record. If you are a Center Child Care Provider click here for your In-Service Training Record.

*Idaho providers: Child Care Lounge no longer issues Idaho certificates. IdahoSTARS will send your certificate when they receive the completed evaluation form. Click here for the IdahoSTARS Reflective Evaluation Form that must be sent into IdahoSTARS. For directions on the Reflective Evaluation, click here. 

* Iowa providers: Go to the Iowa registry and enroll in our class there as well as enrolling directly with us.

*Kentucky providers: If you would like credit on the Early Care and Education Training Records Information System (ECE-TRIS), you will need to complete several forms. Click here to visit our Kentucky state page with a link to the forms.

*Mississippi providers: Click here additional documentation to keep on file with your certificate.

*Wyoming providers: Click here for the Training Evaluation Form that must be sent to Wyoming STARS. This class is Training Reference Number: 6658.

*Pennsylvania providers:

We will enter your information in the registry within one week of class completion. Click here to find your professional development history/learning record


More Information on Certificate and Learner Records

Traditionally, if you are enrolled in a class that included instructor review, we will issue you a certificate within 1 week after we have received and reviewed your work. certificates will be sent by email separately after your class is graded. 

Please note: The date noted on the certificate is the date that all class assignments are completed successfully. We will not pre-date or post-date a certificate. 

A $7.50 shipping/handling fee applies if you wish to have a copy of your certificate mailed. If you wish to purchase a mailed certificate, please fill out the Mailed Certificate Request Form. 
There is a $15 fee if you need us to expedite (within 72 business hours) your certificate earlier than two weeks (the expedited certificate payment option can be found in the class directions). Please note: We will only issue a certificate when all work is completed and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so sooner than 72 business hours, but we will try!). You can access the Expedited Certificate Request Form here.

All certificates are sent via email to the student's email address unless other specified. We will resend you the certificate via email free of charge if this request is made within 1 month of the original being sent. After that, you will need to pay a $5 fee per certificate request. You can access the request form here.

  We can send you an official transcript for $25. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Please email joni at or send us a request in the mail at Child Care Lounge 2830 Broadway Avenue, #2 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15216. All transcripts requests must be in writing and signed by the student. Transcripts can be released by parent request only if the student is under 18 years of age. Child Care Lounge will keep a record of all of transcripts requests or requests for access or disclosure of any personally identifiable information from pupil records. Please note: We keep all records for a minimum of 7 years.  In addition to a formal written request for a transcript, you can order one here.

What if I have further questions or concerns? Please contact us!