Gun Safety

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By Robert Dybzinski

There are 21,700,000 websites on the subject of GUN SAFETY. If that doesn't tell you just how important this subject is...nothing will! Police Departments all around the country, medical groups, gun safety organizations (including the NRA), and thousands of other agencies, organizations, and associations have all dedicated websites to this subject.

Articles appear discussing the 10 commandments of gun safety, 47 rules of gun safety, what kids should be taught about gun safety, what parents should know about gun safety, and millions of other helpful hints, tips, rules, commandments, etc.

But...there is one common theme that is present in every article referencing gun safety and that is this...if you have a gun in your home it should be stored in a gun safe or minivault, you should have a trigger lock for your gun, ammunition should be stored in a separate place, and you should keep the key in a safe place where no one can find it but you!

  • How else do you account for the fact that over 40,000 kids bring a gun to school each year?
  • How else do you account for the fact that there are almost as many deaths each year from gunshot wounds as by auto accidents?
  • How else do you account for the fact that most teen suicides are caused by guns?


In a modern world where guns and gun violence can be seen virtually every minute of every day on TV, in the movies, and on video games, what message are we sending if we fail to educate and inform our children about gun safety?

When do we start? Experts tell us that when a child is first aware that guns exist is the time for the education process to begin. None of us would ever let our small kids play on a busy street. But many of us, especially those of us who have guns in our homes, wait until it is way too late to talk to our kids about gun safety. Is there anything more inquisitive than a child? Thinking back to when we were kids ourselves, what is one of the absolutely first things we did when we were left alone? We started to explore! Honestly now, didn't you know where more things were in your house than your parents did? Weren't they always asking you where something was? Well, not much has changed in the meantime!

If you have a gun stored in a dresser drawer...get a gun safe!

If you have a gun hidden under your pillow...get a gun safe!

If you have a gun sitting on top of the refrigerator...get a gun safe!

I have spent the better part of my career as a Public Safety Director. The amount of times that my Police Department responded to calls for service where a gun was involved is staggering! I learned several very important lessons:

  • Guns and alcohol do not mix.
  • Guns and depression do not mix.
  • Guns and domestic altercations do not mix.
  • Guns and children do not mix.
  • And finally...and most do not get a second chance to do the right thing!


You have a chance to do the right thing today! If you don't have one, get a gun safe or minivault. If a close friend, relative or neighbor you know has a gun, these also make excellent gifts and show that you care. An old axiom states that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics! Don't let someone you love become a statistic. Secure your gun---TODAY!