House and Home Theme and Activities

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Use this theme to teach children about different living environments.

House and Home Songs and Fingerplays

Some People Live In (Tune: The Old Grey Mare)
Some people live in, apartments
Live in apartments, live in apartments
Some people live in, apartments
That's where some people live.

Some people live in, mobile homes
Live in mobile homes, live in mobile homes
Some people live in, mobile homes
That's where some people live.

Some people live in; big houses
Live in big houses, live in big houses
Some people live in, big houses
That's where some people live.

Some people live in, little houses
Live in little houses, live in little houses
Some people live in, little houses
That's where some people live.

Here is a house for a robin (hold hands open)
Here is a hive for a bee (close hands together)
Here is a hole for a bunny (make a circle with hands)
Here is a home for me (point around)

House and Home Art Activities

Paper Bag House
Give each child a brown paper bag. Have them decorate the bag to look like a house, with a variety of materials (felt, construction paper, markers, etc.). When done, stuff bag with newspaper. Staple top together. Fold a piece of construction paper or scrap book paper in half, and staple it on the top of the house for a roof.

Shape Houses
Provide an assortment of construction paper shapes: squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles. Have children glue a variety of shapes onto a large piece of construction paper to create shape houses.

Three Little Pigs Houses
Provide children with the materials to make the homes of the three little pigs.

  1. Straw - Use real straw or shredded wheat cereal
  2. Sticks - Use real twigs, pretzel sticks or craft sticks
  3. Bricks - Use legos

House and Home Math and Science

Where Do You Live Graph
Discuss the different types of homes. Ask the children what kind of home they live in and then graph it on a chart.

Room Sorting
Provide a variety of items found in the home. Set up boxes with labels for each room (Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, etc.) Have children place objects in correct box of where each item would normally be found. (Example: Toothbrush goes in Bathroom Box. Fork goes in Kitchen Box. Pillow goes in Bedroom Box.)

How many in my home?
Send a take home assignment to have children count doors, windows, people, etc. in their home. You can use our Home Counting printable.

Building Materials Exploration
Place building materials (wood, bricks, canvas, shingles, etc.) in the science area with magnifying glasses.

Sand Castles
Wet the sand in the sand table. Provide items for the children to use to form buildings, homes, etc. Include empty milk cartons, small plastic buckets, etc.

House and Home Snacks

Graham Cracker/Cheese House
Give each child a graham cracker to use as a house. Next give them a half a piece of cheese (made to form a triangle) for the roof. Finally, provide various other items (licorice, candy pieces, raisins, etc.) to form doors, windows, etc. Let children be creative making their edible house.

House Sandwich
Use a piece of bread for the house base, a triangle piece of cheese for roof, and lunch meat shaped into rectangles and squares for the doors and windows.

More House and Home Resources