How to Plan a Preschool Field Trip

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Whether you are going to the zoo or just the playground across the street, here is how to plan for a safe and fun field trip adventure:

  1. Pre-visit the site to check suitability.
  2. Have each parent sign a permission slip.
  3. Recruit parents as volunteer chaperones.
  4. Assign each adult a small group, but make sure all groups stick together.
  5. Pair the children and remind them to tell an adult when they don't have a partner.
  6. Pin a name tag on the child's back that only includes the center/program name and phone number.
  7. Bring along a first aid kit.
  8. Bring along a cell phone or change for the pay phone.
  9. Bring along family emergency contact information.
  10. Do a head count each time you change location. From the center onto the bus, from the bus to the parking lot, etc.
  11. Schedule times for rests, bathroom or refreshment breaks.
  12. Go slow, enjoy each exhibit, avoiding rushing to "see it all."

Additional Tips:

  • Try to go off-season or in the afternoon when it won't be as crowded.
  • Select a place where there are things young children can touch and do, as well as see.
  • Check with local laws or regulations regarding the transportation of young children by vehicle.