Information to Share with Your Child Care Provider

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When arranging for childcare, it is important that you give your child's teacher or provider comprehensive information about your child. The more information they have at enrollment, the better they will be able to care for your child. Some childcare centers will have specific forms for you to fill out. Some programs have information they are mandated by law to ask you.

Whether you are arranging for out of home or in-home childcare, here is it is a list of suggested topics to share with the provider.

  • Contact information for you and any other guardian
  • Emergency contact information
  • Past medical history
  • Current medical concerns
  • Allergies
  • Past child care experiences
  • Who lives in the home with the child: relationship and age
  • What is the child afraid of? What upsets them?
  • What are the child's favorite --books,toys,TV shows?
  • Food preferences, feeding schedule
  • Potty training routines
  • Bedtime or nap routines
  • Restricted actitivites
  • Discipline techniques