Jay Whitney

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Jay Whitney  

Title: I Help Finance Childcare Centers, Sell & Buy Childcare Centers, & Childcare Valuations  

Location: Nationwide

Contact: Childcare Brokers 770-410-7582 JayWhitney@ChildcareBrokers.com

Website: Child Care Brokers

Education, background and experience: I have helped over 100 childcare centers with buying/selling a center, financing, valuations. Accounting & CPA.

Services offered: The Problems: ● Your childcare center currently has a loan at a high interest rate or it has a balloon payment scheduled soon. ● You want to finance an acquisition of a childcare center and don't know where to get low interest rates. ● You are ready to sell your childcare center. You are a seller who has been approached by a buyer to buy your center. You don't know how to value your center and don't want to accept a price less than your business is worth, or reject a great offer. You don't want to make a mistake in selling your center. ● You want to buy a childcare center and you are not sure what your offer should be and don't want to overpay. ● Your childcare center is not making as much money as it should, and therefore, its valuation is lower than it should be. Childcare Brokers knows the childcare industry and offers solutions that can make (or save) the childcare center owner/entrepreneur money. Confidentially Contact Me ● By refinancing a $1 million outstanding loan balance, I can typically save a borrower $75k to $300k in interest expense over the remaining life of a childcare center loan by lowering the interest rate, or reduce the borrower's monthly loan payments by $1,000 to $2,500 per month. I often help finance a loan at an interest rate as low as 5.50% to 6.75%, and sometimes less. (As of Sept 2019) ● I have the expertise in selling & buying childcare centers. If you are a seller and have found a buyer (or a buyer who has found a seller), why pay a high business broker fee. In these cases, I charge an hourly consulting fee to help prevent my client from making mistakes. ● I can value a childcare center for buying & selling. ● I can help improve valuations. I know the details on all SBA loans issued in the last 5 years, and 90% of all commercial loans issued to childcare centers. I know which lenders have given many loans to childcare centers at low interest rates. As an expert in childcare centers, I can increase loan approvals.

Rates:Hourly consulting: $250 / hour. Business Valuations: Most are $499 to $1,499 Financing: As a Loan Broker, I get paid by the lender, so, I do not charge a fee to the borrower for finding a loan with a very low interest rate.