Jungle and Rainforest Theme and Activities

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Jungle and Rainforest Songs and Fingerplays

I'm a Little Monkey (Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)
I'm a little monkey in the tree.
Swinging by my tail so merrily.
I can leap and fly from tree to tree.
Have lots of fun you see.

I'm a little monkey, watch me play.
Munching on bananas every day.
Lots of monkey friends to play with me.
We have fun up in the tree.

Layers of the Rainforest (Tune: If You're Happy and You Know It)
There are four layers in the rainforest.
Four layers.
There are four layers in the rain forest.
Four layers.
Forest Floor, understory, canopy, emergent.
There are four layers in the rain forest.

Three Talking Toucans
Three talking toucans sitting in a tree
The first one turned & squawked at me!
Three little toucans sitting in a row
The second one said, "I flap my wings,watch me go!"
Three little toucans sitting side by side
The third one said, "My bright beak, I open wide!"

Three Frolicking Red Eyed Tree Frogs
Three little frogs sitting in a tree.
The first one turned & jumped towards me!
Three little little frogs hopping all about.
The second one said "At night's when I come out!"
Three little frogs leaping tree to tree.
The third one said "Hey, wait for me!"

Jungle and Rainforest Art Activities

Rainforest Trees
Give the children paper towel rolls and let them paint them. After drying, stuff the rolls leaving a couple of inches empty at the top. Glue on real leaves. Cut slits about 2 inches up from the bottom so trees will stand up. Put all the trees together to create a rainforest!

Shades of Green
Provide several shades of green paint (or have children lighten & darken the paint by adding white or a little black paint to the green) for children to free paint.

Newspaper Trees
Roll a newspaper page, starting at one corner, to the other corner. Tape in place once rolled. Peel sections of paper from edge (like peeling a banana). Do this to a few sections and have children use them to paint with. When done painting, they will have newspaper trees.

Colorful Parrots
Cut out toucan or parrot shapes from white construction paper. Have children cut or tear pieces of brightly colored tissue paper and glue them to the cutout. You can also provide a variety of colored feathers.

Paper Plate Snakes
Give each child a paper plate to decorate...provide paint, sequins, torn paper, sponges for sponge painting, markers, etc. When plates are dry, cut spiral out of the plate. Add googly eyes and a paper tongue.

Jungle and Rainforest Math and Science

Pattern Snakes
Provide cut out strips of different colored construction paper. Have children make paper chain snacks using some sort of pattern. When they are done with their snakes, add eyes and a tongue to the first chain.

Animal Comparison
Have several pictures of rainforest animals laminated and place in a brown bag. Let two children reach into bag and pull out one animal. Ask the rest of the children to list what the two animals have in common.

Coconut Exploration
Have several coconuts in the science area for children to feel and shake. After few days, cut it open to see what it looks like and allow children to taste it. Graph whether they like the taste or not.

Cut a soda bottle about 4 1/2 inches from the bottom of the bottle. Put gravel or pebbles in the bottom and add potting soil. Plant some small plants and water it sparingly. Add the top part of the bottle, and the plants will then water themselves from condensation on the inside of the bottle.


Jungle and Rain Forest Motor Skills and Movement

Jungle Animals Charades
Have the children act out certain animals for charades.

Jungle Obstacle Course
Use branches for the children to climb over and under or cover a hanging hoola hoop for them to climb through. Use your imagination!

Jungle and Rainforest Snacks

Rainforest Foods
Serve different foods that found in the rainforest, such as bananas, star fruit, coconut, chocolate, papaya, mangos, etc.

Banana Pops
Give each child a banana on a stick to dip in chocolate and decorate with rainbow sprinkles.

More Jungle and Rainforest Resources