Let it Snow! Preschool Snow and Winter Activities

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Whether you are in an arctic or tropical climate, it is fun to learn about snow! Here are some ideas to get you started for your preschool curriculum.

Snow Songs and Fingerplays

Snowflakes (Tune: Sailing, Sailing)
Snowflakes, snowflakes
Falling to the ground
Each one rests so gently
They never make a sound
Snowflakes, snowflakes
Are so pure and white
The special thing about them is
No two are alike

Way up High (Tune: Up on the Rooftop)
Way up high in the winter sky
Two little snowflakes caught my eye.
Down to the ground they fell without a sound
And before long it was snowing all around

I'm a Little Snowman (Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)
I'm A Little Snowman,
Short and fat,
Here is my ___ scarf
And here is ____ my hat.
When the sun comes out,
I melt away.
But when it's cold, I'm here to stay!

A Chubby Little Snowman
A chubby little snowman had a carrot nose (point at nose)
Along came a rabbit (Make 2 fingers hop like a rabbit)
And what do you suppose? (Put arms out and shrug shoulders)

That hungry little rabbit (2 fingers hopping)
Looking for his lunch (Put hand above eyes as though searching for something)
At that little snowman's nose (pretend to grab your nose)
Nibble, Nibble, CRUNCH!


snow and winter theme

Snow Crafts

Snow Globe
With craft or epoxy glue, attach desired scene in the bottom of a glass Jar. You can include aquarium rocks and small animal or toy models. Fill jar 7/8 full of water and add sparkly glitter. Seal the top of the jar and shake!

Ice Painting
Add water to ice cube trays, add food coloring as desired. Add a small pipe cleaner or popsickle stick to each compartment and freeze. Swirl frozen cubes over white construction paper as they melt.

Glitter Snow Scene
On dark blue or black paper, have children paint a winter scene using glue. Before the glue dries sprinkle glitter all over it.

Fluffy Snow Painting
Mix glue and shaving cream together, allow children to paint using the mixture. Let dry and mixture will look fluffy and textured like snow.

Snow Math and Science

Mittens vs. Gloves Graph
Ask each child to bring in a pair of mittens or gloves. Discuss the differences between mittens and gloves, and make a chart to see who wears mittens vs. who wears gloves. Talk about whether more children wear mittesn or gloves.

Snow Painting
Fill empty spray bottles with water colored with food coloring. Spray over snow.

Indoor Winter
Fill the sand and water table with instant potato flakes. For additional "atmosphere" have children wear gloves and hats while at the center.

Melting Experiment
Fill several containers with water and freeze them. Take them outside and put rock salt on some and not on the others. Ask your children which one they think will melt first. For added fun add food coloring on the top of each. The one with rock salt will melt away into a neat pattern.

Snow Movement and Games

Indoor Snowball Fight
Use cotton balls or white socks wrapped in a ball

"Ice" Skating
Clear a large area of the room. Have children place a sheet of wax paper under each foot and 'skate' around the carpet.

Play music and have the children dance to the beat. Stop the music and yell "FREEZE"! They need to stay still in the position they are in and not move until you put the music back on and yell "MELT-KEEP DANCING!".

Other Snow Resources