Managing Work and Family Under The Same Roof

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Working from home has it's own set of joys and challenges. Family daycare providers are often wearing the mother hat, the wife hat, and the provider hat at the same time. Here some providers share how they make it all work. Work at home moms can do it!

I know it's hard for my children to share their homes, but now that they are older, I think it's as important for me to be home as it was when they were younger. As for the rest of the house, well there's really no keeping it separate. All you have to do is walk into my house to know I do child care-the signs are everywhere. It is hard to do the day-to-day things like go to the Dr, help with class parties, etc. Sometimes I can get a sub-sometimes I can't. I think home child care presents unique challenges, but I wouldn't change what I'm doing for anything. I love being home and still being able to contribute to our finances. In my opinion-it's the best of both worlds.

I have one school-ager (6) and a 2 year old. Yes, there is jealousy for both of them, but I try really hard to make my time with them very special. I work from 7:30 to 5:30 and after the kids leave my girls know they can do other things. If they get tired of the daycare kids, they can go up and play in their room if they like. It's hard on them somedays, but I get comments from my oldest that she is glad I am here when she comes home from school. On a personal note, it's so hard to even make a dr.'s appt. Get my teeth cleaned etc. I have to line up a sub as I never close for these things. It's also very difficult to be involved in my daughters school things. I get to as many of them as I can as I have my mom here to help me and she is my sub.

I'm glad I can be home and I'm glad I was here as my older children went through middle and high school. They couldn't get into trouble because I knew they should be home, so they came straight home. On the other hand, I have said to them so many times, Wait, I'm working. It wore thin with my older children. At times they resented the daycare. They were glad they did not have to deal with other people taking care of them but they did not like sharing mom and home. Through the years they got use to it and the feelings are not as strong. They have liked that I could be close, if not always readily available. The physical situation of our home is that the dc stuff is all over but this allows a better right off for taxes also. If the dc supplies are limited to one area, I can not write off as much space.
~ Annie (LITE88)

I knew from the moment my 1st son was born I was going to a SAHM . This career of mine chose me .... I had neighbors who knew I was home with my son and wonder if I would watch their kids... this was going on 23 years ago .... I had 2 other sons while doing childcare .... my sons never new anything but having other children around.... they thought it was cool to have their best friends in my care .... They are now grown... 22, 19, 17 They have just now started to share with me that they loved I chose a a job that allowed me to be home with them ! I think childcare just becomes extension of your family life.... it is really hard to separate the two ....

DC children were not allowed to enter into the hallway to my kids rooms. My children received room rental money from me. While they were in school one infant would sleep in each of their rooms and would be out when they got home. I also paid one of my daughters to read during story time. When I was off I took my kids almost everywhere I went. I took time for myself to do what I loved the most, study the bible, pray, exercise I have to get up at 4:30 for that, and quilting. I put away all signs of dc that I can at the end of the day. The only thing that is out is the table for dc but it is lovely so we don't mind. My husband has always been supportive in what I do. He plans someday when he retires to get a license and help me out