Memorial Day Theme for Preschool

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Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor people that have served in the military and lost their lives. In addition, the holiday is known for parades, family gatherings and picnics. It is a good way to introduce some history to preschoolers.

memorial day theme

Memorial Day Songs and Fingerplays

Memorial Day (Tune: On Top of Old Smokey)
Memorial Day, last Monday of May
A day to remember the soldiers so brave,
who laid down their lives that we may be free
Who paid a great price for our liberty.

Memorial Day History (Tune: winkle, Twinkle Little Star)
I read of patriots long ago
Who fought to buy the peace I know.
They gave all that they had
So that I could be glad,
Living in a country free
Enjoy peace and prosperity.

Men and women once like me,
Wanted their country to be free.
They fought hard, they fought long,
Some gave their lives to conquer wrong.
That we might live in liberty,
Enjoying peace and prosperity.

Memorial Day Art Activities

USA Windsock
Give children blue construction paper and white stars. Glue the stars on the paper and roll up into a cylinder shape. Add red and white streamers.

Red, White, and Blue Star Wreath
Cut the center out of a paper plate. Provide children with cut-outs of red, white and blue stars of different sizes. Allow children to glue stars on plate to make a patriotic wreath.

Thank You Notes
Let children write or draw thank you notes to send to veterans. If one of the children has a relative or family friend serving, ask the parents for permission and a mailing address to send the notes and drawings.

Make red, white, and blue paper chains to decorate the room.

Memorial Day Math and Science

Provide children with red, white, and blue manipulatives (poker chips are great for this). Have them create various patterns using the color combination.

Star Counting
At the math center, have blue pieces of construction paper with a number written on the top. Have children count out star stickers to match the number and stick on the paper.


Memorial Day Motor Skills and Movement

Memorial Day Parade
Give children flags. Play some patriotric music and march around the room.

Memorial Day Snacks

Patriotic Yogurt
Have vanilla yogurt and top with strawberries and blueberries.

Graham Cracker Flag
First, make a batch of red frosting and blue frosting, by mixing food coloring. Have children spread each color of frosting onto a graham cracker.

Other Memorial Day Resources