Mother's Day Gifts for Preschool

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Here are some simple Mother's day gift ideas that are easy for young children to make.

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Hugs and Kisses Box

Have children decorate a small box or container. Add Hershey Kisses and Hershey Hugs into the gift box. Then you attach this poem to the box:

This is a very special box, that only you can see.
The reason it's so special it's just for you from me.
It's filled with hugs and kisses as sweet as sweet can be.
Just hold the box close to your heart, and you'll always think of me.

Hot Plates

Have children decorate a medium size ceramic tile with permanent marker and tempra paint. Let dry for about 2 hours and then shellac the tile and let dry.

Bath Salts

Treat your mom! Separate Epsom salts into bowls, one for each color. Add a few drops of food coloring in each bowl and stir well. Add a few drops of scented oil in each bowl and stir again. Help the child layer the salts into a clean baby food jar. Place lid on jar and decorate with ribbon.

Mother's Day Shoe Planter

Use an old baby shoe brought in by the child. Line the shoe with a small plastic bag having the top of the bag at the top of the shoe sticking out. Assist the children in filling the bag with potting soil and transplanting a flower or small plant in it. Decorate the gift with fancy shoes laces and ribbon.

Cute as a Button Photo Frame

You can start with a cheap frame of make one from sturdy cardboard or craft sticks. Attach the lettering "I am cute as a button!" to the top of the frame and allow children to choose from a variety of small buttons to glue around the perimeter of the frame. A wonderful keepsake for mother.

Fragrant Soap Balls

Children make dough of Ivory Soap Flakes moistened with water. They can then roll out three or four small bars. Add food coloring and perfume to each portion before shaping. Allow the balls to dry and harden for a few days. They can wrap their balls in colored cellophane and decorate with ribbon.

Potpourri Sachet

Provide a variety of lace or lacy fabrics squared for the children to choose from. In the center of the selected square, have child place one teaspoon of a potpourri mix. Gather the four corners and secure with a rubberband. Decorate with ribbon and attach this poem:

This pretty bag of potpourri
Was made for you by little me.
In it there are leaves and flowers
That will smell sweet for many hours.
I helped cut the ribbon and lace,
And tied a bow in a special place.
So keep it somewhere it can stay
To remind you of this Mother's Day!

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