Online Child Care Training Approved in Missouri

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Our online child care training classes are approved in Missouri!

Anyone, anywhere is welcome to enroll in one of our online child care classes. If your state does have a training approval process, that information is detailed below. Your state may not specifically approve trainings toward the required hours of professional development that you need each year. If so, you may use these classes! Please note that you may also use these class hours towards 120 hours needed for the CDA certificate.



OJL1- Preparing for Early Literacy: Developmentally Appropriate Practices (3 clock hours) - MO Approval Number OD-2018-1067
OJL2- Communication and Conflict (2 clock hours) MO Approval Number-OD-2018-1069
OJL3- Preventing Misbehavior (2 clock hours) MO Approval Number OD-2018-0325
OJL4- School Age Development Online Class (2 clock hours) MO Approval Number OD-2018-1068
PJL1 - Addressing Traumatic Stress (4 clock hours)- MO Approval Number 2019-0570
PJL2 - Time Management for Child Care Directors (2 clock hours)- MO Approval Number OD-2019-0573
PJL3 - Make Time for Music  (2 clock hours) - MO Approval Number OD-2019-0572
PJL4 - Build STEM Skills with Blocks (2 clock hours) - MO Approval Number OD-2019-0565
PJL5 - Adopting a Child Initiated Approach (3 clock hours) - MO Approval Number OD-2019-0571
RJL3 - Family Engagement (2 clock hours)  MO Approval Number  OD-2021-0084
RJL4 - Talking to Children About Race and Bias (2 clock hours)  MO Approval Number  OD-2021-0085
RJL1 - Technology in the Classroom (3 clock hours)  MO Approval Number  OD-2021-0086
RJL2 -Classroom Conversations That Really Matter (2 clock hours) MO Approval Number  OD-2021-0082
    • If you are a provider in Missouri who is required to meet the annual 12 clock-hour training requirement, you are required to obtain a Missouri Professional Development Identification Number (MOPD ID) from The OPEN Initiative in order to track your professional development training hours. Training sessions that meet the requirement are approved by the State of Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services, Section for Child Care Regulation.
    • Upon instructor review and successful completion of a class, we will send you a certificate reflecting the class title, student name, hours of training, Core Competency Area, and date of completion.
    • So you can be given credit in the OPEN Registry, you will have to provide an MOPD ID. If we do not have this, we can't send your class in for credit.
    • We submit records to OPEN at the end of each month. If you get your certificate and have provided your ID prior to the last Friday of a month, your record will be sent in for this month. If not, it will be included in the following month's record.
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  • If you are a provider interested in starting an in-home child care program or looking to get started working in the child care field, please contact your state licensing agency for the specific requirements, rules and regulations of your state. Missouri's licensing website can be found here.