Painting Adventures

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There are so many more things to paint with then a paint brush. Explore different textures and techniques. Here is a partial list to get you started:

  • roll-on deodorant bottles (cleaned out)
  • old squeeze bottles from condiments
  • eyedroppers
  • fly swatters
  • spray bottles
  • styrofoam peanuts
  • makeup applicators
  • bubble wrap mushed in a ball
  • cleaned out shoe polish bottles
  • Q-tips
  • string or yarn
  • tree bark
  • feathers
  • straws
  • pipe cleaners
  • toothbrushes
  • feet
  • leaves
  • hair brushes
  • turkey basters


Add Excitement

Painting can be more than just some tempra paint in a cup! Here are some ideas to expand your painting horizons:

  • Wet Chalk Pastels - Use study paper or cardboad. You can have children use colored sidewalk chalk as paint. Simply let them dip the chalk in water first!
  • Sparkle Pictures - Adding a bit of table salt to liquid tempra will cause pictures to dry with a gritty texture and sparkle.
  • Black Magic Resist - Color desired picture with bright crayon colors. Make sure to tell children to press hard and apply the crayon thickly. Paint over design with black watercolor paint and the design with shine through.
  • Sticker Resist - Place tape or stickers on a paper to create a picture or design. Paint over and let dry. When stickers are removed the picture will be there.
  • Snow Paint - Mix water and food coloring in a spray bottle. Go out in the snow and paint away!
  • Ice Paint- Have children sprinkle dry tempra paint powder on their paper. The "paint brush" is an icecube on a popsickle stick you made in advance. Have children glide the ice over the paint powder and watch the colors run when the ice melts.