Planning Effective Staff Meeting for Child Care Employees

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There are many ways to involve your staff in meetings. Remember a meeting does not have to be a one sided presentation, but can be a time of sharing, brainstorming and interacting for child care staff. You may choose to have set meeting times or arrange for more infomal get togethers as the need arises. It is helpful if you identify an agenda in advance. Also try to set a time and place where your staff can relax. Short meetings may happen at nap or break time, but longer or larger meetings may need to in the evening after the children have gone home.

Reasons why to have staff meetings for child care staff and providers

  • Share information
  • Share opinions
  • Solve problems
  • Skills training
  • Support

Tasks for groups or commitees

  • Make descisions
  • Determine roles
  • Complete a specific project
  • Evaluate a program or program component
  • Identify or analyze a problem

Activities and Ideas for Staff Meetings

  • Angel Tree: Promote feelings of goodwill and teamwork with this activitiy. Each child care provider writes a task or job chore down that they dislike. For example: cleaning cubbies. They attach the slip onto a tree. Co-workers take turns removing the slips and adopting the new tasks for a week to help out each other.
  • Thermometer: A great way to get partipants to express themselves. Distribute a handout with a graphic of a themometer. Ask staff members to talk about "What burns me up" or "What cools me down."
  • Pack up Your Troubles: This activity is a great exercise for reducing negativity. Simply place an open suitcase on the table. Have particpants take turns (by writing down or acting act) packing away negative thinking into the suitcase. Some ideas for things to pack include: personal problems at home, negative experiences in past workplaces.
  • Magic Hat: This is a fun way to brainstorm. Cut out two large top hats from construction paper staple them together to create a sleeve and label it, "The Magic of (parent involvment, toilet training etc.,) Have staff members write down their suggestions onto little paper bunnies. Place all of the bunnies into the hat. Choose a staff member to remove the bunnies for discussion.