Preparing for the Childcare Day

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Family daycare providers share the ways that they save time by preparing for the day.

I get all the cereal bowls filled, lids on and on the table w/ spoons before I go to bed at night, formula shook up, bottles filled, juice in the sipper cups. Ds vacuums the floor every night. I clean the bathroom every night. I also make sure bedding is clean for the next day and do any necessary paper work. Often get preschool activities lined up for the next day. This way in the am, all I have to do is get myself ready and pull out the bottles and cups, I'm all set to go. After lunch, I often clean off the table and get it ready for snack time, too. After everyone leaves, dishwasher gets run.
~ Beth

One thing that has helped me a lot is to prep as much lunch as I can the morning before dc arrives. (Prepeeling oranges and put them in a ziplock bag, premake sandwiches, toss pasta, chicken and veggie in a microwavable serving bowl and put saran wrap on until ready to warm up, etc.) Anything to make lunch easier to serve and clean up is a big plus! I use paper plates and plastic spoons/forks easy, easy clean up. (My aunt does food demonstrations and luckily she gives me all the leftover little serving cups, bowls and plasticware.)I try when I can to have arts/crafts and circle time activities ready to go. The pack and plays (I have 5 of them) stay set up in a different room so they do not need to be taken down every day. I used take down every day and it was soooooo draining!!
~ TenderTimesD