Preschool Creative Movement and Dance

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Here are just a few ideas to get those preschoolchildren moving and grooving and having fun!

Barnyard Walk

Encourage children to imitate different animals

  • horse - gallop and neigh
  • pig- roll on the floor (in the mud) and oink
  • duck - waddle and quack
  • rooster - pretend to fly and crow
  • cow - moo and walk slowly


Freeze Action

Have the children dance or move around as they wish. Use a audible signal to use to let them know when to freeze. A dinner bell or egg timer works well.

Keep it Up

Blow up one or more balloons, depending on the number of players. The simple goal is to work together and keep the balloon in the air. For younger children you may to have them stand or sit in a circle. You can add challenge for older children by restricting how they may elevate the balloon not allowing them to use their hands or only their elbows etc.,


Children hold hands to make a circle. One child is in the center and they are the "Jello". That child dances around and shakes while the others sing the song:

Jello in the Bowl (tune: "The Farmer in the Dell")
Jello in the bowl, jello in the bowl,
Weeble, wobble, weeble, wooble,
Jello in the bowl!