Preschool Name Tags and Identification

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I have always done this. I give each child a symbol that is theirs alone. They have it all year long. This is done in the High/Scope Curriculum. The kids love it, especially at the beginning of the year. In fact the kids knows whose symbol is whose before I remember them all. It is a great pre-reading of differentiating symbols.I have used the symbols for helper chart, cubbies and chairs. In fact I have them velcroed on the chairs so that I can move them around so they need to look for the symbols as opposed to always sitting at the same table space all the time. In fact one year I used cookie cutters to make my symbols and then I Put the cookie cutters in the art area so they could make them themselves. In fact I just read and haven't done this yet is to give the kids a symbols with the same letter as their name for example Sam gets a star.