Re-certification Professional Development for Public School Teachers

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You can use our online child care classes in some states for re-certification if you are a public school teacher.

Arizona-You may use professional conferences and workshops related to the profession of teaching or the field of public education. Conference agenda and a statement or certificate from the sponsoring organization noting clock hours earned in training sessions. Limited to 30 clock hours per year.

Michigan-Only state approved SCECH training counts toward certificate renewal. Training programs and/or conferences sponsored by either the US Department of Education Teacher-to-Teacher Program or by an authorized provider of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) are eligible for SCECHs via collaborative agreements between the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Professional Preparation Services, and both the US Department of Education and IACET.

Georgia-Once you receive a Clear Renewable Certificate in Georgia, it is valid for five years. During that five-year period, in order to be eligible for renewal you must: *Complete 6 semester hours of college course work from accredited Georgia colleges/universities; or *10 credits of Georgia Professional Learning Units; or *10 credits of U.S. Department of Education Teacher-to-Teacher Workshops; or *10 credits of continuing education units under the International Association for Continuing Education Units (IACET)

Ohio-For individuals currently employed in an Ohio public school or district, chartered non-public school or community school: Each educator is responsible for the design of an Individual Professional Development Plan, subject to the approval of the Local Professional Development Committee. The plan should be based on the needs of the educator, the students, the school and the school district, and be aligned with the professional educator standards adopted by the State Board of Education. In accordance with the approved plan, the educator must complete: *Six semester hours of coursework related to classroom teaching and/or the area of licensure; or *18 continuing education units (CEUs) (180 contact hours); or *Other equivalent activities related to classroom teaching and/or the area of licensure as approved by the Local Professional Development Committee of the employing school, district or agency since the issuance of the license to be renewed. Coursework, CEUs or other equivalent activities may be combined.