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By Ruth (reprinted by permission)

A great way to get children hooked on literature is to create a story sack. Story sacks are kits that you put together around a book. You add puppets, games, activities, etc that relate to the story. These also make great gifts.

Last summer I did a "A Story to Remember" theme and used a different story sack each week. Story sacks bring the characters to life and allow the children to interact with the book on a different level. They create a whole new literary experience.

Here are some examples of the story sacks that I created.

The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs by Phoebe Gilman

Story Sack Included:

  • The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs Storybook
  • Information on pigs
  • Pig colouring page
  • Activities for the letters J (for Jillian Jiggs) and the letter P (for pigs)
  • Rhyming words activity sheets
  • Materials to make pigs - pink leotards, buttons, childsafe needles, thread, embroidery floss, lace, scrap material, felt, and stuffing.


Extended Activites:
I set up a toy store with a cash register and money where the children could sell their pigs and other stuffed animals just as Jillian was going to do in the story.

Frank and Zelda by Maryann Kovalski

Story Sack Included:

  • Frank and Zelda Storybook
  • Velcro pizza and toppings activity
  • Pizza fractions game
  • Wish list activity sheet
  • Pizza colouring page


Extended Activities:
We had a fun with food day and made our own homemade pizza's including the dough.

I Don't Want To Go To Bed by Julie Sykes

Story Sack Included:

  • I Don't Want To Go To Bed Story and Cassette Tape
  • Jungle Animal Puppets
  • Materials to Sew Own Pillows - material and stuffing (we used a sewing machine)
  • Pillowcases, fabric paint and stampers for decorating
  • Lullaby Tape
  • Plastic Jungle Animals
  • Paper bags, scissors, construction paper, glue, wool, googly eyes, and pompoms to create paper bag jungle puppets


Extended Activities:
We had a pyjama party.

More About Story Sacks

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~ Ruth A Child's Place