Suggested Code of Conduct for Staff Meetings

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by Cathy Abraham

As professionals, we will strive to:

  1. Be punctual, respect time limits for agenda items, and plan to stay for the entire meeting.
  2. Communicate openly and directly.
  3. Be courteous, listen attentively, and be respectful of other points of view.
  4. Participate fully in the group exchange, and not engage in sideline conversations, cross-talk, or distracting behaviors.
  5. Be flexible and open to change and new ideas.
  6. Stay on task and not divert attention to other unrelated topics.
  7. Assume positive attentions by others, giving them the benefit of doubt.
  8. Be solution-focused, seeing opportunities, challenges, and possibilities and not dwell on past slights, roadblocks or excuses.
  9. Strive for consensus in decision making; if an impasse is reached, a simple majority vote will be used. Respect that decision, even if it is not your preference.
  10. Make decisions based on what is best for the children, families, and center – not on personal agendas or what is expedient or easy.

Adapted from "The Director's Toolbox" (NLU)

staff child care meeting