Super Bowl/Football Theme

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Though the Super Bowl is typically on a Sunday, you can use the week leading up to the Super Bowl to have a football theme. On the Friday before the Super Bowl, ask children to wear the color of the team they want to win. Have a Super Bowl party!

Football Songs and Fingerplays

Football Player (Tune: Frere Jacques)
Football player, football player
Throw the ball, (Hold one hand back like you are going to throw a football.)
catch the pass. (Pull both hands to chest as if catching a football)
Run and don't get tackled, run and don't get tackled. (Pretend to run.)
Touchdown, touchdown (Hold both arms straight up to signal a touchdown.)

Football Art Activities

Stuffed Footballs
Provide or have children cut two identical footballs out of paper. Then have them staple these together and stuff with shredded paper. They can then paint the football to make it more realistic.

Team Penants
Give each child a paper or felt penant shape. Provide a variety of craft supplies for each of the Super Bowl Team colors and allow children to use their creativity to make a team penant. Hang up all penants when done.

Football Rubbings
Tape a piece of paper to a football and let children use sides of crayons to rub the paper and make football prints.

Football Math and Science

Super Bowl Graph
Discuss the two teams that are in the Super Bowl. Show each city on a map and talk about if a child has ever been to that city. Have children guess who will win the Super Bowl by picking one of the two teams. Make a graph to chart the guesses.

Yard Stick Measuring
Show children a yard stick and ask if they know how many yards a football field is. Have children measure items in the room to find objects that are a yard tall or long.

Football Observation
Cut open a football or take off the skin and put it in your science area for observation.

Football Movement

Warm-Up Exercises
Practice warm-up exercises like professional football players do by having students do jumping jacks, run in place, and stretch to touch their toes.

Football Throw
Have children practice throwing a football outside to see how far they can throw it.

Pass the Football
Play Hot Potato with a football.

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