The Roles of a Child Care Director

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Being a director or administrator of a child care center means that you may play many different roles. Here are a just a few.

  • Figurehead - As a child care director you may be asked to perform many ceremonial duties. For example, you may be required to conduct tours of the facilities, speak to service clubs and civic organizations, and attend employees' retirement dinners.
  • Leader - You are a leader. Your attitude and outlook will serve as guide for teachers and staff. You may need to improve employee performance, reduce conflict, provide feedback on performance, and encourage employees' growth and development
  • Monitor - A child care director must be aware of everything that is going on in a program. You will need to collect information both by asking questions and by formal means (such as meetings, memos, and reports).
  • Peacemaker - You will need to handle, scheduling problems, parental complaints and help smooth the way for positive interactions among staff as well.
  • Resource Person - You will be responsible for deciding how scarce resources such as money, materials, time, and equipment will be distributed.