Those Funny Children

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Young children are a joy to be around. It is often their innocence that is endearing and often very funny. You never know what they will say.I hope this page will bring a smile to your face.

Children's Funny Responses to Questions

I had many interesting discussion with children in preschool programs. Often I would ask questions to check for understanding on a topic we were exploring. Here are a few of those interactions that I recall.

Me: What do we listen for at the corner?
Child: Snakes

Me: How can birds keep warm in the winter?
Child: Don’t they have blankets?

Me: Does anyone know what brotherhood is?
Child: Is that anything like Little Red Riding Hood?

Me: What do you need to have to grow up?
Child: Birthdays

Sometimes you can be caught off guard my a child's response. During snack time one kid persisted on poking the boy sitting next to her.

Me: If you are going to bother (the other child) I am going to have to move your seat.
Child: I’ll call my attorney

During show-n-tell a child presented to me a plastic toy dinosaur that smelled just awful.

Me: Why does this (toy plastic) dinosaur smell funny?
Child: Dinnosaurs are x-stink

Child Care Lounge Website visitors also share some of their favorites!

A child in my care said, "I'm going to my granny's house today!" I asked, "Where does your granny live?" The child said, "At her house." I thought to myself, of course, why did I ask? :o)!
~ D1234

The other night I held a family meeting on my children's behavior that day with the dcks. My dd who is 4 says "I know mom you expect urination" My dh says do you mean cooperation? & she says yes cooperation!! He & I lol over that!!
~ Cindy5047

I have a precious 3 yr old girl... she says to me....
I don't remember when I started to grow up !
~ Brynn 59

My son asked me this during supper of hotdogs...." MOM, where's the large intestine at?" age 4 1/2
~ Copperm

I had a 4 yr. old move here (Texas) from Montana. His father was a very avid hunter and had instilled these things his son as well. The child was telling me one day that he had eaten snake eyes before. I said in a very astonished voice "Snake eyes?!? where'd you get those from??" He put his hands on his hips and told me in the most "aren't you the stupid one??" voice... "From a snake of course!!"
~ Rberry41

I was explaining to my dd one night (age 4) why my son's belly button was sticking out so much (age 8). I told her there was a "story" behind his belly button and proceeded to tell the story of how he was a premie and his stomach couldn't catch the cord, etc. When I finished she looked down and then asked me, "Is there a book in my belly button too?".
~ Rberry41

I had a daycare girl who was 4 at the time tell me that her younger sister who was also in my care (18 months) couldn't be a mommy some day. I asked her why not and she tells me , "Well, just look at her, she has no hair!"
~ Melcrow

At circle time I was teaching children on manners. During the course of that day one of the kids was hitting another child. I asked the child that was hitting, "Where is your manner?" The child responded, "I guess he left."
~ Brryshort