Useful Lists for Directors

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4 Tips For Promoting Your Center

  1. Put a large colorful sign wherever you can. Don't forget strollers or wagons, as a place to put signs.
  2. Have something for a parent who takes a tour to take home with them as a reminder of their visit. This may be a bookmark, pencil with your logo or a copy of the most recent newsletter.
  3. Distribute your newsletter to local businesses, visitors, and welcome wagon organizations.
  4. Rent a small mall kiosk where you can show an informational video and distribute pamplets.

6 Considerations for Choosing Training

  1. What are the state regulations?
  2. What age group does staff member work with?
  3. Do they need general information or more advanced content?
  4. What are their interests?
  5. Can you determine need through observation and evaluation?
  6. Do they have a balance of training in the basic areas? Child Development; Working with Families; Professionalism; Health and Safety; Curriculum; Planning; Discipline and Management;Diversity?

7 Ideas for Staff Recruitment

  1. Post openings at college placement offices.
  2. Offer incentives to employees for finding appropriate candidates.
  3. Attend job fairs.
  4. Inform local education professors of openings.
  5. Promote substitutes and volunteers.
  6. Serve as a laboratory school for local college.
  7. Invite open applications.

8 Strategies for Successful Staff Meetings

  1. Distribute a proposed agenda beforehand. This allows attendees to be prepared and plan for questions or contributions.
  2. If there is new staff, be sure to devote time for introductions or icebreaker activities.
  3. Set aside some time for the sharing of ideas.
  4. Offer an incentive for promptness.
  5. Open up the "Suggestion Box" or "Venting Jar".
  6. Encourage staff to present/report on trainings or conferences they have attended.
  7. Show a video rather than making a speech on a training topic.
  8. Vary the location of the meeting (different classroom, or maybe after hours at a coffee shop).