Using Sign Language with Young Children

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Providers Share Using Sign Language with Young Children

As the infants get older, I work with them on one sign language at a time. If a baby can be taught to say bye bye and wave, then sign language is no different if you truly think about it. Just don't do more than one at a time until they have that concept down. :)I printed out this poster for the infant/toddler room. I only use one sign at a time for the infants and toddlers.As for the older kids, we do the letter daily for two weeks. :) I have a children's sign language book that show how to do it and it has an animal beside it. The older kids love it!
~ Mrs. Tammy

I actually took the course from Sign 2 me. WONDERFUL! It teaches 'real ASL' also. There are baby signs out there but I thought why not teach them the 'real' thing?! I did/do this with my own two boys. However, I disagree I teach them as many as I can at once. Kieran is 16 months old and knows about 10 signs and also speaks about 15 words and is now beginning to put words together "uh,oh, Momma". I repeat them often (more, cup, milk, no touch, etc...). Obviously say the word too. I bought an INCREDIBLE book with a C.D. Called Pick me Up. It's all songs with the signs to sing with little ones. It's worth the money. I also like the Baby Wordsworth.
~ janny2jk

I borrowed a book and video set from the library by Dr. Joseph Garcia called "Sign With Your Baby". I have bought 2 sets from e-bay (one for me to use and one to lend to parents to get them started on the sign language). The company's website is
~ BRENDI8725