Wild West and Rodeo Theme and Activities

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Wild West and Rodeo Songs and Fingerplays

The Little Cowboy Song (Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)
I'm a little cowboy. Here is my hat
Here are my spurs
And here are my chaps
As soon as I get up,
I work all day
I get on my horse
And ride away.

I've been riding on the Range (Tune: I've been working on the railroad)
I've been riding on the range,
All the livelong day.
I've been riding on the range,
Herding dogies on their way.
Can't you hear the cowboys shouting,
Can't you hear the cowboys shouting,
"Dogies, move this way

Wild West and Rodeo Art Activities

Western Vest
Cut a slit up the front of a paper bag and the cut arm holes and a scoop for the neck. Children can decorate with markers, crayons, stencils, etc.

Start with triangle shaped pieces of fabric. Children can apply patterns with paint using western themed shaped sponges. Some suggested shapes include: stars, boots, and cactus.

Stick Horse
Cut out a horse's head from poster board. Children decorate both sides of it and glue on yarn for a mane. For the body, simply tape or glue two or three paper towel rolls together and then attach head. Finish decorating your horse.

Straw Painting
Have the children use pieces of straw for paintbrushes. When the paintings are finished, have them add the pieces of straw to their work for a different look.

Wild West and Rodeo Math and Science

Pan for Gold
Spraypaint small rocks or pebbles with yellow paint. Add sand and rocks into a water table, pool or bin. Using sifters have children pan for gold. Count how much gold they received.

Desert Animals Graph
Show pictures of different animals. Ask children to discuss which animals live in the desert. Make a graph of Desert animals vs. Non-Desert animals. Feel free to use our Desert Animals printable.

Wild West and Rodeo Motor Skills and Movement

Lasso Game
Make a large cow head of poster board, decorate and attach to a short chair. Children can use a hula hoop over the cow's head to "lasso" him. Alternative: Set up a group of stuffed animals to be lassoed.

Wild West Dramatic Play Area
Add wild west dress up clothes to your dramatic play area: Chaps, Cowboy Hats, Cowboy boots, Belt Buckles, Handkerchiefs, Jeans, Bandanas, etc.

Wild West and Rodeo Snacks

Trail Mix
Be creative and make trail mix. Some possible ingredients you can use include: peanuts, raisins, dried fruit, pretzels, coconut, granola, and crackers.

Wild West and Rodeo Books

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