Group Unlimited Subscription of Child Care Training

Regular price $399.00

 The savings grow when you get an group subscription of child care training for your staff

With our group unlimited subscriptions of child care training a staff member can take as many of our classes as they need or want. Subscriptions are transferable.

Do you have a smaller group or staff that is between pricing levels? You don’t have to pay for training that you don’t need; we will custom design an offer for you whether you have 3 employees, 33 employees or a 103!

When you order a group unlimited subscription child care training hours, we give you your personalized discount code within 1 day. You, or your staff, will then be able to go to our class catalog page and order the classes as needed without paying the enrollment fee. The code is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Questions?


What Child Care Lounge Classes Are Approved in Your Location?

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