Infant and Toddler Package

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Note: This is not a credential but a group of classes packaged together for your convenience.

Classes in this package

1. Infant and Toddler Care - Online Class - (4 clock hours)

Description This training is designed for both novice and experienced providers who care for infants and/or young toddlers. In light of current research pointing to the importance of the first three years of development, many providers and early childhood teachers are questioning what should be happening in an infant and toddler care program. Quality child care programs recognize that such care is much more than just custodial care. This online lesson will help you develop a plan for the care and education of for infants and toddlers.

2. Taming Temper Tantrums - Online Class - (6 clock hours)

Description This training is designed for experienced providers who care for young children. Participants will learn to identify common causes of temper tantrums and how to prevent them. This online class looks at many types of tantrums and how to help children develop self-control. This is an advanced level class.

3. Potty Training In Child Care - Online Class - (1 clock hour)

Description This training class reviews the importance of readiness and gives guidelines for potty training in a child care program.

4. Separation Anxiety - Online Class - (3 clock hours)

Description This training is designed for caregivers and childcare providers. Students will learn about the causes of separation anxiety and how to manage both the child's emotions and behavior.

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