In-service Training for Child Care Programs

Use Our Classes for In-service Training For Child Care Programs-Here's How!


If you are planning an in-service training day for your child care staff and need training, you can use our classes! There are different options to meet your needs. Choose the in-service training option that works for your child care program

How The Training Will Be Presented (options)

  • Staff can logon to our online platform and work on the class independently or in groups. They can do this from home or at your center.
  • You can present the training to the entire staff at once. If you choose this option, we will send you a power point along with notes, links to videos and online articles for you to print out and share.

How Staff Will Complete The Training for Credit

  • Staff can log on to our platform to submit their own work for credit
  • You can print out the assignments and staff can complete them and email, fax, or mail them back to us.

Please note that enrollment is based per staff member and each person must submit their own unique work for credit. Ask about our group discount rates!

 Want to be the trainer?

Tips for Planning In-service Days